Mexican Murals - New Images Covering Old Ones

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Back again in my neighborhood of San Miguel Chapultepec (Mexico City), I noticed a new mural. It is painted on a wall that has had a number of changes during the past year, which I addressed in my post regarding respected and less respected murals. At first, it hosted an elaborate mixed-media artwork, with styrofoam reliefs of birds added to the painting. This artwork was tagged over almost immediately, which I guess must have had to do with the fact that it was created by a recognized gallery, and commissioned by the local government, presumably for money.

Gods on the Wall

Now, it seems like the various layers of graffiti tags have been painted over yet again... by more tags, albeit aesthetically appealing ones, as well as images of deities. 

The first image seems to be that of a crowned lion, holding a human figure in a protective embrace. Though I am not 100% sure, what this picture brings to mind is the Lion of Judah, a prominent biblical figure elevated to greater heights in the Rastafarian faith. Or I may be completely wrong about this, and this lion is also linked to Hinduism, as the second image on the same wall suggests.

This is a picture of the Hindu god Krishna, unmistakably with his blue skin and his four arms holding the various implements he is usually depicted with. This mural can be explained with the fact that the local Hare Krishna Temple is located just across the street, on the corner of Gob. José Maria Tornel and Gob. Tiburcio Montiel. As there is no Rastafarian Center anywhere close, I assume the lion might also be from the Hindu pantheon. A quick search on the net gave support to this notion: There is a lion-man deity in Hindu mythology, called Narasimha, known for being protective over his devotees. 

With these two gods on the wall, let's hope the mural will be left alone by taggers... until the pictures are overhauled by new and fresh paintings, possibly of other Hindu gods.

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See? You can't leave town without someone changing the murals! I love the one with the lion. I guess I am partial to lions.

I know...! Actually, I kinda expected something like this to happen. When I came back, I was actually looking for new murals. As it turns out, I wasn't disappointed.

You know how much i love these. Hey when you get time check my response on your post regarding delegation, resteeming, & tags. Will explain alot. :)

Amazing street art!

Wonderful street art thanks for sharing 💯🐒