Murals of the Barrio in Aguascalientes

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Amo como el graffiti ha estado ganando tantos espacios en México. Me parece que desde aquella época del muralismo, el país no se había llenado de tanto color.

Claro, es es lo que me gusta muchisimo aqui: tantos colores, y lo que es hasta más importante: imageneque contan una historia.

Thank you for the share! Simply breath taking art. That is talent and skill I can only dream about! Sounds like you had a great time and welcomed in the New Years right! Thank you for sharing!

I know, Mexican muralists have a lot of great artistic skill. As for me, all I did was press a button to take the picture. And then a few more buttons to create the post. :-) Thanks for enjoying it, though!

Great narrative and your photography here is great. Really enjoyed getting to see all those diff murals. Those Are so awesome, can't pick a favorite. Happy New Year!

There is some impressive artwork there...