The Mundane as Art Round Four Contest - entry #2 In the Eye of the Beholder

in #mundaneart5 years ago

My previous entry in this contest,

"barking up some trees"

was a little facetious.

This time

I'm going for the "sophisticated mundane"!
And I'm putting on airs of......well, you know.

And you will know, if you've been following me,
that I have had problems with "delusions of grandeur"

But, I hope you enjoy anyway!


I know it's only tree bark,
but I'm gonna pretend it's art anyway.


And my closing statement:

It really is in the eye of the beholder!

over and out


Outstanding art!

Coming from you, that is mind-boggingly dangerous to my ego's inflation!!!!
Thank you!

Hey, if you like it, Paul, that is fine with me! Cheers to you, my friend!
Upvoted 100% for tree bark that good! :-)

Is my bark worse than my bite?

I see a staircase in cracked stone then I can also see small cliffs looking down from a mountain and finally a desert oasis :)

You have quite the "beholder's" eye!!!

I see an eye crying ...

That's me crying. I have a good friend who's hurting bad.

I made this ust for you @onceuponatime ! these are 5000 lines for the new block chain art i am creating ..I couldn't wait any longer...your photo was my inspiration, what came out was interesting I leave you for interpretation
Hope this bring you a little smile your way and relief for your friend, godspeed!


oh I am sorry for that, hoping for full recovery for your friend

I absolutely love trees. In fact I've been taking pictures of trees ever since I got into this photography thing-thanks to steemit- and will eventually devote a post to them.

I hope you don't mind, I'm not usually a link dropper, but I worked my arse off on this one year anniversary tribute, and since it's all about collages of every cool person I've met on my journey, it needs to be seen haha!

it gives me the feeling of petrified wood and those are art to many

Most people say that Time is money. But some people say that Time is Art.

I think if you have no time then you less likely to appreciate art

This bark is something else, what kind of tree is this??? I have no clue.

Namaste :)

It's a Loutraki Tree of course!

It is the real name?!?

Since when did you become reality based?

Good point, I'll name it λοξός ὀδούς δέρμα δένδρο, loxósodoús derma déndro! 😃 In other words, I just baptized this tree after its bark and I called it "The Elelphant-Skin Tree".

I just LOOOOVE freedom! Thanks for the well needed reminder here...

Namaste :)

I was just gonna call it "George" :-)

Thanks for the laughter! Namaste :)

it is art..awesome texture and natural colors. I like it.

That's the inherent beauty of art... it is what you say it is! To me- and you, as it seems- art is showing the beauty of "things"- any "things."
You do a great job capturing the beauty of those palm trees! That's some real art!
thanks for sharing!

The first 2 pics Can be like a painting ^^ we can say it's art :)

I find it fascinating the amount of patterns and textures that nature can show to you. It may look like uneven geometric patterns but held within each layer is a story of all the external stimuli that plant endured. Nature's beauty never seizes to surprise me.

Worlds within worlds!

I'd say palm trees definitely qualify as art... tree bark is awesome; you can do so much with it; especially if you get up super close with macro... valleys and mountains; desert landscapes.

very nice. I couldn't make a picture of a palm tree today, but I added a nice contribution when i was geocaching with my son... have you ever done that? you will come to places you have never seen.. I gues there are also geocaches in loutraki.

No, I've never done that. I don't even know what it is.

You should really try it. It's like finding some hidden treasures based on coordinates. The are everywere in the world. Maybe more then a million. Maybe you walked passed them without even knowing it... It's really nice to do. You have a goal for a walk and find some very creative real hiding places. if you want to know more
And create an account on (it's free) and you go go for a hunt tomorrow.

And did you look at the geocaching in Loutraki?

Can I ask you to look to my steemit promotion for students?
I hope to find some enthousiastic people who make this go viral for all students worldwide.

@onceuponatime Just stunning . Voted and followed you

nature art! very best

Nice idea and you do have some great eyes buddy that is for sure ;)
Nice selection buddy of the art :)

pretty awesome !!

Great place!!!
Nature makes some of the best art :)
Thanks for sharing!

Great Contest Sir. It is very beautiful photography and excellent photography experience,
Thank you @onceuponatime
100% Upvote Resteem

Palm trees are very distinctive

very good publication the photography was great.

Great picture Awesome keep it up my friend

Wow that's an outstanding photography of amazing mundane artworks! You are pretty cool in this category artwork photography! Incredible work!


Excellent camera shots. It s really look.
100% like and resteem

Remarkable tree bark. I think this post very enough for win mundane art contest. Nice cracks seems.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Palm trees is very looking. thanks for sharing.
For your post propagation.

Awesome post. fantastic photography.
Upvote Resteem

Outstanding narration @onceuponatime. I wish you the best.
Resteem your post for more votes.

Palm produces the finest dates and bears the toughest climatic conditions

So then, are you going to do a post about it?

Pleased my dear friend @onceuponatime

Very cool entry for this contest. Good luck🤗🤗🤗

Wow....wonderful mundane art sir you posted. Awesome tree bark.
Upvote & Resteem.


Great work and excellent photography.
Thanks @onceuponatime
Have a nice day

Amazing photography. nice contest
(((((( Resteem Service)))))

Dried desert ground, completely dried out.....
This sure is art, just have to look more close

Down to the molecules?

Ok. This is seroiusly amazing.

In the eye of the beholder, art is everywhere because art lives in the spirit we share with everything.

So awesome. Congratulations.

@onceuponatime - Sir only nice eyes can capture those mysterious 'Mundane Artworks'... You have those wonderful eyes & here we can see beautiful photography of Mundane artworks of yours Sir....


upvote comment and follow

greet art and greet photo

great contest ....amazing photography..........////////

Amazing post really nice.....I like it.thx for share😍

really helpfull & learning comment thx for share👌👌

Awesome post. fantastic photography.
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