Fan Art - Chandra Nalaar / Magic: the Gathering.

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Today Thursday night and almost at dawn and I here like every day doing what I love most, today was a very sunny day in the plains of my country, Venezuela area where I live, yes, you are right I am llanera and I Proud. Let's say that this day was in complicity with my drawing since it is a hot girl like the sun that I bring to you today.

This drawing, I wanted to make it for one of the deliveries of the #trialbycomics contest, from @kommienezuspadt. But back then I did not dare because this girl named Chandra Nalaar is practically fire and fuck! I did not dare to do anything that had fire at that time, for fear of how it would come out.

Lately I feel more animated to make in my drawings things that I did not dare to do before! I do not know, it will be that now I feel more confident or I have more self-esteem in what I do, which makes me willing to draw what I did not dare before.

Therefore I leave my Fan Art of Magic The Gathering, the card of Chandra Nalaar by what it looks, I imagine that it must be a very powerful letter which I would love to have one day to collect it.

Thank you very much to all for seeing my new drawing and always grateful for the support offered by all of you.


Gif of Drawing Process

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Very not bad, I like that she looks kinda like what I think she would look if she were created back during 4th Edition :D

Do you know the game? What is the 4th edition?

Magic The Gathering is built around sets of cards. Each year, new sets are released. 4th Edition is a very old set of Magic The Gathering cards - from 1995 - which featured art specific to that time. The illustrations on modern Magic cards look very realistic but in the '90s, and in 4th Edition they looked more like drawings, such as this one for instance

Ah ok I understand. I really like the MTG cards and that's why I made several drawings about the cards, I do not know much about how to play and I did not know about the editions thanks for explaining.

Yo hace tiempo había hecho un versión de chandra pero resulto un desastre hahaha te quedo super se parece a ti "mujer de fuego".

Porque no la montas? quizás estas exagerando...

hehehehe no te quieres quemar? ;)

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Great Chandra!

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