Those greasy pole

in msu •  6 months ago 

The environment also causes others to trample down those who like the greasy pole. The overnight is my passion.. Came to mandatory status would have also. Pull down those who trampled on the success survival survival achievements to be pleasant to have argued.
Once, three friends traveled to a sea storm shipwreck boat and had to read about how they remember. Less able to carry a lot of food, drinking water. Close to shore, could not see. When a few days and headed for how the three friends did not know how to continue. There is no food. Not knowing how the journey. The situation is the health of a friend overnight. The pain gradually worsened. A sick friend, while the other two counsel. 'We have no food. All three go along. All three died for me. I became sick and died the next patient in the food we get. ' Then another cold '. I live so that we can do, 'he readily agreed. Sea rough and trouble, they too are good shots, I felt the world on fire, the floor a good intention not to trample down the line. The Law Of The Sea, they said. Finally, because this is the court landed.

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