I will be live tonight on PAL Radio (MSP Waves) all welcome

in mspwaves •  11 months ago

I will be live on the radio tonight on PAL Discord answer questions, and just hanging out if anyone wants to join.

Want to ask questions about the current flagging situation, Steemit, witness, 3D printing, crypto, whatever you want to ask.

Check out my post about the Future of Steemit if you want a rundown of what is going on.

Want to help me decide who I give 100 STEEM to? Check out the 50/50 Giveaway where I am giving away 100 STEEM to one lucky user, 50% goes to a cause of their choice, on or off the chain, and 50% goes to the user chosen. I wanted to make the announcement yesterday but unfortunately, I've been under a lot of pressure with what's going on.

Will be live 9PM EST (2AM UTC). I'll answer most anything but a/s/l and what I'm wearing but it probably won't be pants.

Can listen online at MSP Waves


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Apparently, @haejin doesn't want me on the radio either.

I'm happy to have themarkymark express his opinion about haejin and flagging. I've offered previously to host @haejin too. he's welcome to come on by himself, with me, or I can try to arrange a conversation to take place here.


That would be a good i dea.

Hm... can you ensure my thirst for STEEMIT drama will be satisfied?


Not likely, from what I hear when one ends, another isn't far behind.

I wish I knew, I would have gotten into the popcorn business.

This will be amazing am sitting calmly to hear from you,thank you.

i will join your radio show

I have read some of your writing and I want to ask you as a witness, what will happen with STEEM if there is a steemian, which posts 10 posts per day in exchange for 300 SBD for one post, total daily pay of 3000 SBD, whether it will adversely affect the future of STEEM or not.

Because according to my Thought: the rewards are earned on the basis of the upvote of the whale, whereas for upvote strength is determined in HF 19 10 sound 100% one day, whether the vote is free to use up to 10 votes 100% one day, or there are other provisions
many thanks for your explanation


Who knows really, but I can't see it being attractive to investors when one user takes 6 or more of the top 10 spots on trending. All this drama isn't good for investors either, to be honest. Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.

Where STEEM goes? No one really has a clue. It can hit $25 by December or be $0.50.

I would love to listen to the show! Unfortunately, I have to get up early tomorrow so I can’t afford to stay up till 2am...
Anyway good luck with the show and wreck @haejin if his minions show up :)


Funny you, she should be wreck right?

If I can stay awake 'till 3 AM my time I'll listen in. Else I'll be sure to hear the recording!

Been a while since we talked (I have been on Steemit hiatus), but it's great to see that you are keeping on!

I hope I can hear you, greetings from Venezuela

Useful one .....man....
keep do it.........

Haejin will call in for sure :D LOL

Hoping I can make this my son goes down at 8 so this should be perfect.

Thats Great Looking forward hearing from you.

Will it be just you or will the entire funky bunch be there as well?

dancing with radio😂😂😂

👏👏👏👏This will be amazing Thank you

Thank you for the warm welcome @themarkymark

Something has to be done real quick to the situations on ground inorder for investors not to be scared away. Steem is hitting a high note now, with the likes of what is happening, this could be disastrious

great guy. thanks for sharing this info and will be ready to follow up.

I record a live broadcast where can I listen? Thank you.

i will definently join @themarkymark