Monday Show Announcement

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On the air today is Freeze Peach!

Hellllooooooo Friends,

Your beloved @kubbyelizabeth is here today to tell you about today show! If you are considering becoming a DJ, then considering having your show today. We have many time slots open. We would love to have you on the MSP-Waves DJ team.

What do you think? Will you join us? Why not, right?
Without further delay, on the agenda today is Freezepeach Radio!

Freezepeach Radio!

@r0nd0n and his guest talk about current world and Steemit news, politics, and the philosophies that drive it.
@r0ndon does more than talk about free speech. Consider joining and submitting material to his own server dedicated to fighting against unjust flags.

FreezePeach server for flag submissions or discussion/questions:

Click Here to join the discord. Are you passionate about freedom of speech? Consider delegating and submitting submissions to reverse flags. Have strong opinions about controversial topics, love to play devil's advocate, or curious about Saudi princes, church shootings, rumblings of major happenings and rumors of major arrests in the works? Then come listen & chat!


If you utilize Google calendar check this post out called, New! MSP Waves Radio Schedule Google Calendar! Get alerts for shows IN YOUR TIMEZONE :) You can also ask any DJ or Moderator to add a role that is tagged when the show starts.

You can listen by clicking HERE

I hope to see you listening!

You can join the chat room by clicking HERE

You can see the full schedule by clicking HERE



On behalf of @msp-waves, thank youfor listening!

Love always,

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Wooohoo, any 10hour show maybe?

I'll be listening! And finishing my msp-waves application today. already picked Monday slot that's open. Can't wait!


Great news, more shows on Monday would be awesome. Look forward to having you on :)