"Meadows & Makers" podcast - Saturdays 5-7PM UTC - September 8th 2018 guest @movement19

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Announcement: Music Maker Challenge Results

(Maker Challenge No.1 - Music Maker Challenge - presented by the Meadows & Makers podcast - 15 STEEM in Rewards) - The Meadows & Makers podcast is pleased to announce that we now have smooth music tracks to ease us into - and out of the show. Many thanks to @termitemusic (Meadows & Makers pod) and @d-vine (Awake ft Junkfeathers) for their awesome entries into the Music Maker Challenge. We look forward to having the new tunes on the show. Many Thanks for their tracks, each producer has been transferred 5 STEEM.

Join @makinstuff and @jackdub every Saturday 5-7PM UTC for the "Meadows & Makers" podcast. Maker and Homestead guests, Project discussions, Post curation, and Technology news. Join the PAL discord for the full podcast experience, or catch the stream on mspwaves.com.


Maker and Homestead guests

Makers and homesteaders specialize in making difficult tasks easier through the use of modern, experimental, and well tested technology. We'll chat about their latest projects, interests, and involvement with Steemit.

this Week's Guest

@movement19 - "Anarcho-agorist, Writer, Researcher, Zero Waste Coach, Raver, DJ, MC, Producer, Documentarian, Proponent for Psychedelic "

Steemit Post curation

Always happy to see many maker, homesteader, DIYer, and technology posts on Steemit, we'll discuss the ones that peaked our interest.












Technology and Project discussions

@makinstuff and @jackdub are lifelong makers and always have a few projects on the go and technology news to share with listeners. Listeners are encouraged to participate in the all conversations, questions for the hosts and guests are welcomed.

Listen live on mspwaves.com or from the PAL discord.

Peace, Abundance and Liberty discord

Contact @jackdub or @makinstuff if you would like to be a guest on the show to chat about your latest projects and maker exploits.

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Hey @jackdub, thank you so much for the mention!!! =) I feel honored!


good job mate

Thank you so much for choosing my song feat. @junkfeathers <3
Much love, respect & huggins coming your way <3
Stay excellent <3

thanks for the mention and highlight of my project.