[SCAVENGER HUNT & My Art] White jade & green jaspar custom bracelet, masu origami, + my adorable mascot

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Hello to my awesome steemit community!

I'm writing this post because I was inspired, thanks to @aggroed to participate in his Scavenger Hunt challenge post where he was congratulating @stellabelle for her contributions and successes here on steemit.

I've been excited about what is happening here with this community, especially after having received some genuine encouragement and support from the givers here.

In my eagerness to participate in this contest, I have made several errors with regard to my post which has been edited and re-edited and re-written altogether, for clarity...lol

And I have some extremely generous people who've been helping me on Discord (some of whom you'll see in my screenshots).

Being that I have only been here a handful of days and am still learning what the heck I'm doing here, I have only begun to cast my votes for Witness, but I do have one, so far.


I was encouraged that my "bad pun" went over well enough to garner a couple of chuckles in general-chat ^_^ It's nice that people tried...I mean, it was a really bad pun.



Onto gratitude...

I think that many of us will agree that the learning curve to steemit presents unique opportunities to self-evaluate what it is to participate in an eco-system of conscious seeding-forward of positive energy flow.

It has been humbling to witness the space and begin to discover where I "fit in"...

There have been people who have literally manifested before me with encouragement and assistance (some of which I didn't even realize I needed), delivered in such a caring manner that I have been surprised on several occasions.


There is something that just feels so right about sowing a seed of appreciation on behalf of another being.

I love how this is a demonstrative community where people take practical steps to assist and to contribute. It's nothing like the other communities I've participated in.

To quote one of my cryptocurrency mentors, Mr. Horst Jicha

This world was made for givers, not takers.

Plus, I really just enjoyed @sunravelme 's most excellent poem, "Alien," where she is taking a peaceful stand for the children. I was especially touched by her artistic work and the timeliness of her encouragement to the reader to take action on behalf Latino children who are suffering now in fear due to the unfortunate state of current politics.

I would encourage anyone reading my post here to go check out my new friend's post, which I happily sent some @lovejuice to.

not my post1.png
not my post2.png

Today, while I was working on this Scavenger Hunt, I was simultaneously pouring my energy into a creation I have been working on for some time.

One of the things I'm most passionate about is putting to use the intuitive guidance I receive with regard to care of others. In my spiritual practice, I experience various resonances in different ways...sometimes I hear them, smell them, feel them, see them.

I am often able to discern from that bioenergetic-feedback all kinds of potential info, some of which my fave to work with happen to be crystals. I use that information to help me in selecting materials which are most supportive to that person's energy.

You could say it is one way to help support their chakras, although, my crystal invocations are designed to be supportive over a person's life path.

And today, I was stringing some lovely white jade and green jaspar, which have undergone a recent bath in the Pisces full moon from this past Wednesday.

my art_gratitude_ _stellabelle to star on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall steemit challenge.jpg

I also made a masu origami gift box out of fancy colored paper.

my art2gratitude_ _stellabelle to star on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall steemit challenge.jpg

One of my mascots, Jolie, was helping guide the process so that maximum fun was had. (Isn't she just too much with that tongue! Ah! My Love! hahaha)

my art3gratitude_ _stellabelle to star on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall steemit challenge.jpg

I sent an invite to this contest to @sunravelme (she was helping me with my new steemit blog while I was stringing crystal beads to make the bracelet). I hope she had enough time to get a post going for this!


Well, I did all 7 steps that I was able to do, but step 8 was blocked since I didn't have the account requirements at this early stage in my steemian citizenship.

I want to thank everyone who is participating and for the kindness and generosity of spirit that is going forward while we co-create this new demonstrative way to commune. I loved doing this and am really happy to be here!

So, I'll sign out here and say Salud.

Intuitive Jakob

Salud_my art_gratitude_ _stellabelle to star on the Minnow Mayor Town Hall steemit challenge.jpg

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Thanks for sharing... Love it.


Muchas gracias! <3

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resteemed. promise fullfilled.


Thank you so much! Really loved participating!

Thanks for supporting the station with your resteem on this event!

Station General Manager
MSP Waves Radio Network


My pleasure! Looking forward to the show tonight! It'll be my first time in attendance since I just started less than a week ago.

My friend you have done an excellent job. Welcome to the community and thanks for joining the contest. Excited to see you grow with us! Excellent job on voting for your first witness. Keep your eye out and cast a few more.


Thanks so much, Kubby! Really awesome to be here with you all and so appreciate the support! I look forward to the show and contest tonight and will def be casting more witness votes!

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