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Today: The Year that rocked!

Music Requests in 432 Hz

If you ever wanted to know the 1960s ended...
Look no further than Chris's Play List From 1971

First, there were Singles bands. Then came the Rolling Stones, the ALBUM band.

  • The Beach Boys go surfin'...
  • MC5 appear on the scene...
  • As do ZZ Top...
  • Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Van Morrison...
    ... and many more big names from 1971 will fill the airwaves for you to take-in as always only on MSP-Waves Radio in 432 Hz. 🎶

In other news:

  • Intel releases the first microprocessor,
  • The Aswan Dam is completed
  • Evil creep Charles Manson + his followers receive the death penalty,
  • For better or worse, NPR takes to the airwaves, - Floridans welcome tge Walt Disney Resort to their state,
  • Mount Etna has a hicup,
  • And silliness starts setting in as the voting age in the US and UK is lowered to 18,
  • UK switches to Decimal Currency
  • and the Ibrox disaster cost the lives of 66!

As always, we will go through the events of the year presented during 3 hours of another entertaining Frequenzy Waves Show with @pennsif and @globocop.

Be there or be nowhere!

Starting at

  • 9pm UTC
  • 4 pm EDT
  • 3 pm CDT
  • 1 pm PDT

for a relaxing and informative 3-hour show with this Saturday afternoon.

Where to listen

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If I have it - I will play it!

Don't miss today's Frequency Waves at 3 pm Central.

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Let us explore the mysteries of frequencies during the show. Everything is Frequency:

Energy, Information, Life.

Frequency waves can alter our physical and our mental state. Frequencies can heal – and they can kill. They are used by doctors and by the military.

We shall dive into the fascinating world of Frequencies on an enjoyable and relaxing Saturday afternoon.

Listen to a wide variety of music genres to appreciate the beauty of the Golden Frequency: 432 Hz.

Make sure to tune into MSP Waves Radio and check out the MSP Waves Radio Show Schedule.

~Chris (globo)

MSPWaves Radio and its owners take no responsibility for the opinions or statements made by the talk show host or their guests. Statements and show topics are not necessarily the beliefs of the radio station. The material on this show is provided for educational and informational purposes only.

Thank you for reading.


Proud Supporter of PAL and the - The Minnow SupportProject
Christopher "The Hat" Hatfield @globocop

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I wish I could have got the MSP radio feed through the car system... I even thought about putting the chat into computer-voice, if such a thing is possible...

Until next time! (and we want Panama updates!)


Yes, if you have 4GLTE, you should be able to stream thru discord. Discord also allows voice dictation I believe.

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