The Lady and the Rose, an oil painting

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My favorite subject to paint is Indian women. This young lady had such a sweet, shy expression, really deserving of a portrait. She was selling some little items when photographed by my friend VB Suresh Babu who generously gave me the use of his photo.

I actually used gold paint in this photo, something I rarely do.


“Indian women”- A poem by Shiv K Kumar:
Patiently they sit
like empty pitchers
on the mouth of the village well
pleating hope in each braid of their mississippi-long hair
looking deep into the water’s mirror
for the moisture in their eyes.

Comments and upvotes are always greatly appreciated.
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Lovely work @kathleenscarboro.

Her essence is clearly communicated.....fine art indeed.

All the best.


Mille mercis cher bentleycapital.

Wow this is some mad skill

Oh thank you @edgarsart. Guess I should thank my painting teacher, may his soul rest in peace.

Nice photo


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Just another beautiful colourful painting. Really admired your work !

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la touche d'or est tout à fait à sa place pour contre balancer la douceur du regard... C'est magique !

Merci. J'aime vos dessins aussi. Bien à vous.

did yhu paint this yourself? You should havce your name on it

Yes, I painted it myself. It is signed on the back, but when I get it back (it is in India currently) I will sign it on the front.

Is this your work? Holy Moly!!!

Yes, @boyerobert, this is my oil painting.

All so very beautiful....
Upvoted and following.

Thank you, so glad you like my work.

Beautiful work of art with impressive realism. I love finding people with talent and taste for drawing and painting to admire their work, I will follow it and if you want, follow me and we share works.

Thank you @artemacarre, I am following you and have upvoted a couple of your posts. Best to you.

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