Need Your Daily Input Of Good Music? TUNE IN LATER - SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTIST - Episode 31, 8th of March 2019

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Music-Lovers it's that time again!!!!

Join us & our fantastic guests, listen to superb music, find out more about the artists, their music, the projects & have a good time!!


Episode 30, 1st of March 2019 - LINE-UP

1.Nowhere Near ( @onemedia ) with „Taking Flight“
of the
„Ambience from Nowhere Near“ Volume 1 Album

2.Twysted One ( @inthenow ) with „Raise A Fist“
& his
„Blockchain Music Challenge“

3.TenpoundSterling ( @tenpoundsterling ) & Wayso
with „Windata“

4.BastelBeat with „DeepCutz“

5.Wav-Dr ( @wav-dr ), Bonnie Legion ( @soundlegion ) & D-VINE ( @d-vine )
with the collaboration „Lonely Road“



UTC 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

You can check you timezone Here

Be sure to listen on the
MSP Waves Website for top quality sound


SPOTLIGHT ON THE ARTIST... a music-based show that promotes Musicians, Songwriters, Producers, and Music based projects on the Blockchain.

We give 5 guests a slot to perform live and/or have their track played and talk about their music project.

Each guest will have their post promoted in live chat and shared with the listeners.

Each artist receives 80 Notes.

We highly encourage audience participation and thrive on listener engagement throughout the show.

To be featured on the show you need to..

Musicians :

Have or create a post with your song.
( To benefit from it, the post shouldn't be older than 7 days )

Send a link of your Dsound @dsound/ Steemit post plus a Choon, Musicoin or Soundcloud, or YouTube link of the track to @d-vine over on Discord.

Music Project Creators:

Have or create a post with your project, send it to @d-vine on Discord.

Any other links to promote the artist or project are welcome as well.

Deadline for submissions Thursday!
UTC 11:00 am

You can check your timezone Here

Much love & respect,
@d-vine, @onemedia & @darrenclaxton

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Well thank you for sharing @cheetah ;)
I probably has to do with that account you posted belonging to our host @d-vine!!
She is promoting where she can to get the word out! <3

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