The ScaredyCat Investor Show Interviews the team from BEDCOIN - Live Tuesday 8pm UTC (4pm EDT)

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We are in a new era of tokenization and the guys from BEDCOIN are part of the movement.

Why own a property yourself to rent or airbnb when you can just hold a coin a share in the profits!

Come listen to the team discuss the vision and initiative of the project that will make real estate investing simple for us all!


"Bedcoin is here to revolutionize Real Estate & Accommodation markets.
What sets Bedcoin apart from most other cryptocurrencies is its Mission & Team and that it is backed by real estate and it is the only crypto coin that is offering yearly profit shares from it’s crowdfunding mechanism - facts that make Bedcoin an exclusive limited amazing asset."

Live on the ....

The Music and Money Show (2).jpg

  • Hear Vlad and Filip discuss the project and milestones.
  • Dig into the whitepaper
  • Ask any questions about the project you have.

Come join us through one of these outlets:

MSP Waves - Hear it on discord:
Join audience chat:
Vimm TV:
Or stream on the site:

Live on air Tuesday 8pm UTC (4pm EDT)

Only on...


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