Makinstuff's Weekly Maker Curations Week 5// A Minnow Support Project Community Curation// Check Out Some Makers That Rock!

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Hello all you beautiful humans of Steemit!

Many thanks to @zaxan for offering his awesome title graphic work for these curations. Please check him out for any graphics work you may be looking for.

Today I bring you another week of some great maker/diy content I've found across the Steemiverse. Each post gets upvoted from the @msp-curation trail and one post will be featured and re-steemed by the official @minnowsupport account. Please click through and support the featured authors if anything interests you and help us support quality content creators on the platform.


This first post is an amazing walk through on how to for a lighting connector assembly replacement for an iphone6.
DIY ~ iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement ~ DIY


The next post is an amazingly put together article about the process of investment casting and all the steps and equipment it takes to do the process well. This is a must read for anyone looking to make some custom jewelry.
Investment casting. Redoing a millennia old production process.


I have another great article here showing how to upcycle fabric into something useful by.
Reducing fabric waste - using selvedge / selvage strips to make a bag - 080419


This article is about experimenting with hempcrete adding a lime finish to a small pyramid. I'm very interested in learning more about hempcrete. It sounds like the curing process continues for quite a while and works to sequester carbon dioxide in the process.
Working with Hempcrete: applying a lime finishi


This is a great article showing you just how simple the process can be in making your own homemade soaps by.
Too easy to be true!

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I have!

Peace and Joy,
Greg @makinstuff

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Big thanks for the recognition!!! I have been pretty vacant as of late but this is a great surprise to come back to.


Dude! You knocked it outta the park with your post. Love all the details and the step by step process. I hold the same ethos of trying to repair or upcycle older devices. I know one of my buddies turns his old phones into security cameras.

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Old phones into security cameras??? That’s beyond me!! LOL. thanks for the kind words. Hopefully I can have some decent weather around here and get some stuff done outside. Spring rains are upon us here in the PNW.

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Many thanks for including my post, @makinstuff. I truly appreciate your support :D


Love your inventive upcycling and detail of your posts. You rock!

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A great selection of interesting posts and a perfect way to help us all stay engaged!


Thanks @melinda010100, I love finding an spreading the love for my fellow steemit makers. Backyard and open source creations will help bring the world to an abundant future I believe.

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Good curation work here!


Thank you so much Amber, hope things are warming up y'alls way.

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That have all good week, good selection.


Thank you @artmedina really appreciate you checking out the post!

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Thanks for featuring my post! You rock!

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Cool work with hempcrete sir! I'm very interested in playing with it myself.

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Thanks will be posting more on it soon and thanks a million for the promoting of my post !

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