Steem Town Hall: Debate with @dreamryder007 // "Steemit Inc's performance" is the topic.

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So, my normal cohost @justineh has a family function to go to. I've been looking around for a show topic and a show cohost. I got into a bit of a discussion regarding Steemit inc today in the Splinterlands discord group. Dreamryder and I had a fun discussion that remained pretty healthy despite some clearly differing opinions. The topic was "Is Steemit doing a good/bad job?" Tonight I'll be taking the "good" Steemit side of the debate. Dreamryder will be taking the "bad" side of the debate. We'll see where it goes.

Let's keep this civil please. You're welcome to propose whatever counterarguments you want in chat, but let's keep it about ideas and actions rather than people and name calling.

Should be fun!

Starts in 25 minutes. or

Bring popcorn

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You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

are the ads doing even better now?

Hello aggroedare you planing to update it to dtube?

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