Minnow Mayor Town Hall and the quest to test the GEET engine and the claims that it runs on water!

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This was a pretty crazy Minnow Mayor Town Hall. The big story out of this is that I had a chance to speak with David Pantone who is the son of Paul Pantone. Paul was the creator of the GEET engine. They make the claim that you can take a generator from Harbor Freight Tools and use parts from Home Debot worth roughly a few hundred and convert the traditional engine into a GEET engine. The advantage of the GEET is that the engine is able to run on a mixture of gasoline and water.

This seems pretty impossible to many people. I remain skeptical, but I saw this operating once a few months back in Maine when I met Jeremy up there. So, I'm thinking it's worth exploring. I'm a PhD chemist, but I'm not an electrician or a mechanic. I'm open to the chance I'm getting duped here, but also cautious. So, I'm bringing @r0nd0n up with me who is an electrician to lay a second set of eyes on this thing. I'm also bringing a camcorder and we'll film it with a skeptics eye.

Step 1. Look at it with R0n on Sunday (includes filming and posting)
Step 2. Test it out with a small unit on an RV
Step 3. Figure out if we believe it
Step 4. Upgrade wiring in my house (has to happen anyway)
Step 5. Buy a Harbor Freight Tools generator
Step 6. Have them tweak it
Step 7. Hook it up

@aggroed talks crypto and Minnow Support Rules
@mrslauren hops on air 28min. She's a college student and we talk about young people and steem. Could Steem pay for college? Young people forum?
@sunravelme hops on air 1:03. We talk about who delegates to minnow support. Tools like Vessel to help with your Steeming and steem-plus and mspsteem. We mention Aisle of Write Discord as well. I read a poem on air. I get weepy talking about how supportive this community can be.

We start off Part 2 with David Pantone and Jeremy (Remy). We talk about David's father's invention of the GEET engine. It's an engine that can run on a water/gasoline mix. I've seen it personally running on a water/gas mix. We have a good

1:20:00 @discordiant talks in more detail about changes to the upvote bot

1:39:00 @bloggerslife talks about bringing Steem to Russia (and maybe estonia) with a tour of pitching Steem in mother Russia.

1:54:40 @teamsteem talks about Steem in general and some good news about the network.


Missed it yesterday but if you and Team Steem are talking then I need to go over and listen. thanks for all you do, you are appreciated. I also look forward to seeing this GEET engine, I have learned about gasification engines, and Iam about to learn how to install hydrogen kits on diesel generators and trucks.

Nothing is impossible - there is amazing power in water - especially when taking on Gas->Plasma... Unlimited energy.

Anyway, look forward to the report from the trip to check out GEET!

The question is not whether you could get an engine to run on a water and gas mix but whether you can produce more energy with that mix than the gas alone would produce. Gasoline normally has some water in it and of course the air contains varying amounts of water vapor and thus all engines run on a water and gasoline mixture, that's why you get water leaking out of your tail pipe. It sounds like an interesting project, I will be glad to have a skeptic take a look at it!

I hope you won't throw me out of MSP if I am slightly skeptical. Gas and water can be mixed and burned, it's been done lots. But it takes some injection work generally.

Republic made a 'water assist' for the Thunderbolt in 1943 that made it a completely different aircraft. Literally doubled the mileage available per mission and increased the horsepower and top speed significantly.

I'm still skeptical, as a life long mechanic. I look forward to your test.

It was a great show Sunday, I really enjoyed it.

Wish I could be there to see this, I am a mechanical engineer, having worked in the automotive industry most of my working life, and also in motorcycle grand prix racing back in the day when it was 500cc 4 cylinder 2 strokes. :-)

These are super cool. Will join up next time when available! Need some delegation =)

This riding and running are best to see, you have share a great idea

I'm a bit fan of these speculative ideas - I'd like to see proof of a working model.

very interesting!! a few distinct sources say various reactors should be utilized to get the motor to keep running only on water

your life is very good & nice post

If hydrogen and oxygen are separated, fuel can be obtained from the hydrogen. My choice is for electric vehicles.

Thank you sir for sharing
You always upload nice and helpful post. and your website also so much helpful sir...

you got my vote and a comment as well ;)

Mixture of gas and water can run an engine I heard it for the first time and it seems interesting.
Looking forward to your report. I would love to know more about that GEET engine.

I'm new here in steemit i need your support to grow up sir.
Thank you very much !!

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I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.

Great post, are the channels open for all to join

Thank you sir @aggroed for sharing
You always upload nice and helpful post. and your website also so much helpful sir...follback me...thanks

Good postings @aggroed ..... Nothing is impossible - there is tremendous power in water - especially when taking Gas-> Plasma ... Infinite energy.

Though I'm not the right audience for this post but I'm your true follower and target audience in general. I support your quality work. Keep sharing @aggroed.

Steem On!

many types of suppressed tech., check this out...


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Holy crap I was on air for over an hour?? O.o did not feel like it at the time!

That is an interesting concept for an engine. A friend shared this article with me about an electric vehicle from 1912. It worked for 50 years. The battery only took two hours to charge and could run 22 hours without freight. https://bringatrailer.com/2018/01/20/worked-for-52-years-still-running-1912-c-t-4wd-electric-truck/

Wait, Whhhaaat? Runs on gasoline/water mixture? I have never heard of a GEET engine, and I am extremely curious. Are you going to post an update with the results of your filming/investigation/tweaking/testing? Please say yes. I'm all over it and totally want to hear more.

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