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1.A,P,B and C,P,D are collinears,
then the value of x is
A.10 B.12 C.15
D.18 E.21

  1. x=………
    A.1.2 B.1.5
    C.2 D.2.5

  2. AD= 3DB; DE:BC=?
    A.1:3 B.2:3
    C.3:4 D.4:5

  3. LM=………
    A.xzx+y B.xzx-y
    C.yzx+y D.xzy

  4. m:n= ?
    A. 1:2 B.2:1
    C. 2:3 D. 3:1
    E. 1:3

  5. x=………..
    A.2 B. 3
    C. 4 D. 6
    E. None of these

  6. In the figure , which of
    the expression is correct?
    A. x10= 84 B.x10=412
    C. x10= 23 D. 10x=23
    E. None of these

8.Which of the following is (are) true?
1.Two similar triangles


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