Moving Day, Temporary Couch Surfer Hobo Mode Engage!

in moving •  9 months ago

I Fuckin' HATE Moving...

However I despise living in a mould contaminated house even more so...

Often I've been quoted saying "If I didn't have bad luck I'd have none at all..." This statement certainly embodies how my last few months have been feeling between battling with sickness and having to cleanse, pack, clean and move house after an aggressive mould bloom took over the residence I was supposed to have a lease on till November.. Certainly a wee bit of a "fuck my life" scenario which just so happened to come to be just as I'd begun to gain traction after a grueling winter depression.

While last year I said I'd never be homeless again it seems the fates or gods get off on throwing me curve balls in life, frankly I'd nearly gotten to the point of mental breaking this past few weeks and now with moving day upon me and no suitable housing found to rent I once again stair into the face of the nomadic hobo life I once lived. Which wouldn't be an issue if I still simply lived out a backpack as i once did... But damn, I actually have some possessions and stuff now that I found some success early on in Steemit history.

Truth be told I'm not really that scared or dreading it that much, this ain't my first hobo rodeo, and I'll very likely just grab some decent containers and a storage unit for a month to stash my goodies and couch surf on buddies couches until I can find a new home. Sadly apartments aren't my bag due to the neighbors close by which often express anger against my incessant bass music played at all ungodly hours.. But not all is lost.. Of the 8 places suitable for a KLYE environment only 1 has emailed me back to setup a viewing, which is this saturday... So like, I need ya'll to channel some miracle shit my direction... <3

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Focusing the miracle shit dish your way... best of luck on the viewing.

sorry to say..............

I hate moving as well, I feel your pain. Nobody even shows up to help anymore. It takes up the whole day or even two days to move n get settled. sucks

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Your fortune cookie now says ...

"Saturday will be your Lucky Day!"

I feel your pain too dear. but to me i don't hate it.. because here in Africa it is an every day things

May the RNG gods grant you great success in acquiring a new party pad from where you will brew amazing new content and good times! A new environment for a happier and healthier you!

Hopefully tomorrow you will secure that place and move in. Fingers crossed, wishing you all the best :)

It is hard not to have a home. As for myself I will fie in 24 hours if left outside on my own. I am like a hermit crab with delicate insides to support. keep it strong @klye
Fuck you on cliff.jpg

I feel your pain brother have move around 20 times in the last 20 years and it doesn't get easier, sending upvotes and positive vibes your way!

I want to throw some miracle shit your way but I just flushed it down the toilet. So, I'm sending miracles instead. How does that sound?

I hope things will be better with you. If only we could find all the things we need without the things we do not want and need in one place. I remember moving in to an apartment where I thought it was great but when rain comes, the apartment is flooded. I had to move out of there quickly and had to live with my parents. I haven't left since. I am very picky so I'm still stuck here which is good so I can be close to family.

hopefully you can be more patient in undergoing problems in this life, at the end of our hope story will all be very good, may continue to work in steemit until number infinity

Man, well I do wish you the best of luck. I know that can be very stressful. But with your Attitude Iam sure things will work out just fine :) Kind of an exciting time ,imho. I have a family which is awesome but to be somewhat of a Nomad is a rush and thrill

Hey, nice post & Congratulation for getting my vote as witnesses.. Keep it up with the good work and making steemit a better place.

Your humor and drawings have been missed! I hope your hobo mode is almost done being active.

Channeling ALLLLLLLLL the miracle shit in your direction @klye!!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

I had to move twice recently.

And as usual it's sucks. Though this time I hired movers. Screw lifting heavy shit ever again. I'm not doing it. Just get movers. Whatever you have to pay is worth it.