MOVIE REVIEW: "Halloween" (1978)

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Synopsis: Michael Myers is a tormented child who has lived in an institution for 15 years since killing his own sister. However, he manages to escape his captivity and returns to his hometown to continue his crimes in the locality that, in terror, still remembers him.

It was in the year 1978 that the Cinema met one of its characters that would become a real milestone in the history of the Seventh Art: Michael Myers. Created by John Carpenter, this cinematic icon has its origin told through this great classic that spares no effort to show viewers how good he is and all the timeless potential it has (including the power to influence future generations).

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Everything happens in the city of Haddonfield (Illinois), a quiet place that would not imagine the tragedies that were to come. The script explores all this fragility of the city to stablish a very compelling contrast to the psychopathy and the brutality that lives in Michael Myers creating a strange connection that even after 15 years still insists on staying pulsating in the veins of what would become an unforgettable villain.

Through its constantly growing narrative (and always adding something new), the movie remains focused on building bridges that take the viewer into the movie and invests in the creation of dramatic arches and archetypal characters that, in their own way, highlight the punctualities of the events imposed by the script in an easily recognizable way.

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The narrative development is full of well-marked aspects so that not only does the story remain in the mind of the person watching the movie, but its characters and all the cinematography that embraces all their takes. This can be translated as a demarcation of territory in order to emphasize (as strongly as possible) all the qualities that belong to the movie.

Not for free, throughout its projection, the movie's drama and suspense are fully connected with the colors, lighting, photography, and scene editing that slowly lays and peels all layers to their great climax (which hides much more than a simple chase between unprotected young lady and villain). It is a creative work of complex conception and that denotes all the commitment and care in the accomplishment and execution of the material.


Another technical aspect that fully reinforces this connection is the simple - and at the same time - creepy soundtrack, which seems to have a life (as if it were another very peculiar character to watch) of its own and seeps into people's minds each time it is present, further enhancing the quality of the project. Here the song performs the function of element with high disturbing potential and is perhaps as strong as the villain himself.

The beginner, but competent, Jamie Lee Curtis is the protagonist and there is no doubt that she can print all the insecurity and sensitivity that Laurie Strode, her character, needs to show on the screen. In partnership with Tony Moran (Michael Myers), they were a great duo... Although they are separated most of the time. The influence one character has on another is one of the most complicated paradigms of the script.

The Irish Times

Another name that deserves to be remembered is Donald Pleasence, doctor Loomis. The trio then completes itself as one of the highest points in the movie. The conformity with which the three work is one of the driving forces for this story to work so well and show that it is not just another movie (which could easily be forgotten if it were not so well written and directed).

By the way... What could I say about the direction taken by John Carpenter? His work is no less than phenomenal and inspiring for any filmmaker. He conducts the entire movie with enviable mastery and explores the entire movie to its highest potential. It would be no exaggeration to say that this movie (despite its somewhat linear pace and no big surprises... sinning for lack of more information about the villain's own motivations) is a lesson in how to make real Cinema.

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Contrary to what many think, Halloween is not the kind of film that impresses its force on gratuitous violence watered by gallons of blood and dozens of murders... But yes, a masterpiece that is skillfully built with a lot of psychological solidity and that is mainly why it is such an important and special movie even though it was released so many years ago.


MY RATING: AAA (9,5/10)

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