Halloween Trailer, Still Not Watching this With Lights Off

in movies •  5 months ago

The Halloween franchise is one of those movie series that I will not watch with the lights off. I mean, most horror movies I will not watch with the lights off but especially this one. There is just something disturbing about the franchise, maybe it is that expressionless William Shatner mask the main character wears. Maybe it is because I am easily scared.

Anyhow, who is excited for this one? I know I am. I will just make sure to change the light bulbs in my house before watching it.

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I’m going to see this on opening night! I survived off horror movies in my teen years! No way I’m missing Jamie Lee Curtis back as a Scream Queen!


It looks good, I have to give it that. I tried watching horror movies in theaters but a series of jerks ruined it for me (people that thought it was funnier to be disruptive than just enjoying the show).

Since then, I have decided to not waste my money seeing these types of movies in theaters. Instead, I catch them on digital/physical rental and enjoy them in my own home.

Still, this one looks good. They got a lot of the nuances down and that helps tremendously to make this one to watch for.