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I watched Batman Ninja last night out of pure curiosity. I am not particularly a Batman fan, I just like superhero movies in general. I saw this movie mentioned and checked out the trailer and it was a total wtf moment. I had to see it, I had to know what it was about and if it was majestic or just a flop.

The Story

Without spoiling the movie, Batman is sent back in time to Feudal Japan. He is not the only one and didn't arrive first. He must learn the ways of the Ninja as his he doesn't have the technology that typically gives him his edge. While it sounds outlandish, the way it is presented is believable. What happens next is a whole different story.

Is it good?

Good is subjective, and it isn't uniform throughout the movie. The best question is, was it fun?

I found the beginning of the movie good, it made sense and was interesting. Towards the middle to end, it started to get a bit outlandish to ridiculous. The ending is put together with a fantastic fight scene that was a lot of fun and more of what I was looking for in the movie.

I'd say a good 75% of the movie was what was advertised with 25% going into some really crazy Transformers vibe. I wish it stuck with the core concept of Batman adapting to the way of the Ninja. The crazy stuff was justified giving events that happen in the story but I would have liked to have avoided that direction all together.

All in all, I really liked the movie, I would prefer to cut out the Transformers parts but the movie was a lot of fun.


I am not an anime or comic book connoisseur but I appreciate good art and design in all things. I feel the art in the movie is very inconsistent, going from fantastic to meh in different scenes. I feel in certain areas they took a break and got lazy. The parts they did spend time on are awesome.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, it was fun and interesting and not the train wreck I expected. It could have been better but some parts were excellent. I especially liked the final face off with Batman and the Joker. It was an interesting spin-off and made me want to see more anime in general. Outside of the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series, I am not much of a fan of anime, not that I dislike it, I just don't go out to find it. I have watched some that I did enjoy and would be interested to check out a few more.


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The joker rendition looks super-creepy!!

I used to watch anime back in the Ghost in The Shell days, but this trailer might just re-ignite my interest.

Very good looking series. I want to see this one.

this series movies are very wonderful.i like batman to 5 years old

My favorite superhero of childhood.
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I thank you!

Did you try watching the Last Airbender?


No, I assume you mean the anime? I believe there is a movie as well.
I heard the anime is good, I've seen a clip of one of the fights from a Reddit post, forget why but I remember it.

I'd probably watch it. Is it a stand-alone movie or do you have to watch others to get to it?


The movie is covering the first season so it ends incomplete and there won't be more because it bombed. Also, it's awful.

The anime (only in artstyle since it was made for Americans by mostly Korean animators) is fairly great as a semi-episodic light action adventure. It can get dull and childish at times, but as a whole it's one of the best american anime-like cartoons.

Well, the art seen in the promotional material looks awesome, but if in other parts the quality is inconsistent that's a real shame. Maybe someday I'll give it a try.

Woah, i had no idea a thing like this exists :o Somehow the title reminds me the movie cowboys & aliens, sometimes these mashups can be fun.

If they can make an animated like this similar to kingsglaive's vfx, i think i would die from the hype of waiting..

yes excellent exposure, your study of this ninja batman movie is like a reliable observer review.
thank you for your review.
I want to ask, why should I choose you as a witness @themarkymark.?



Wow! Normally i Don't like to watch animated movies ! But this is something looking interesting to Me! I would surely watch it! Thsnks for the review!

I really had not noticed, but since you give her that interesting perspective, I think I'll see her

Very cool.
I didn't even know about this flick.I'm definitely going to check it out .

pufffffffff.....!!! great story, visually amazing.!

I really enjoyed the movie and it’s unique take on the batman franchise! Fusing it with elements of anime was a risk but I think they struck a good balance between the two mediums! I also wrote a review on the movie a while back you can check it out here

Excellent post @themarkymark, I had not seen the Batman trailer, very interesting and entertaining.

It was an ok movie, to me the animation was the best part. The ending fight scene was a bit of a stretch compared to the rest of the movie. But I agree with you that all in all it’s a good watch. Thank you for your honest review.

Seems like a great expanded universe series. I might need to look into it.

has lots of 3D artwork that looks ( from trailer ) as "good enaugh"
definetly looking forward to watch this

I like anime and Batman. Outlandish comes with the territory. I'm looking forward to watching this.