The DCEU's slow death Vs the MCU's domiance of the throne

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When it comes to comic book films there are 2 names everyone thinks of,

DC (Detective Comics) w/ Warner Brothers (DCEU) & Marvel w/ Disney (MCU)

Both have extremely passionate fans, great characters to build from and more source material than middle earth!
Yet only one seems to have been able to build an fully immersive universe for fans. Now some can claim that the MCU has an unfair advantage being backed by Disney, however it's important to recognise that when the MCU began it was Marvel Studios and Disney were not involved. They faced a giant of the industry in Warner Bros. The comic book film guardians with the original superman films as well as the batman films. So it stands to reason that when DC/WB first attempted to launch a universe with what i think was intended to be Green Lantern they had the advantage. Green Lantern was however negatively received by audiences who personally i think didnt get the scope of what was to come. The film displays massive foundation building but is undermined by poor writing and what feels like a big "F You" to the source material. Personally i think this all could of been overcome had they pushed on and taken fan responses sensibly. Instead we got a 2nd attempt in Man of Steel.

By this point Marvel knew where it was going. They also had a green wobble in the beginning with The Incredible Hulk. But hints and seeds still remained for a future universe. 1 year later came Iron Man. Marvel was brave in casting Robert Downy Jr at the time due to his own history of drug abuse and on set problems. However looking back it really couldnt have been anyone else. At this point the lines between Character and Actor have become so blurred that im sure some people now call him Tony. His own personally history actually boosted the playboy lifestyle as he knew how to be a dick with money. DC/WB failed to find an actor who could do that with its characters.

Anyway, moving on,

Due to the issues surrounding green lantern DC/WB appeared to lose their confidence. As the MCU rapidly built and interconnected with the simplest of methods (post credit scenes, easter eggs) the DCEU got punched in the face from back lash from man of steel. I understand the director wanted to show a modern day superman who was learning to use his powers but many felt it ignored basic superman attributes. But in DC's defence here id like to stay complaining about this has contributed to today's broken mess of a universe. Fans failed to understand that yes superman does have certain rules like "not killing", but he is a god like being with masses of power who needed to learn that first. Its also not like he went "sup zod" neck break "Superman away!!!!". No he was saving innocent people from a man who wanted to kill all life on the planet and was to inexperienced to find another solution. (which he may have learned later through a friendship with batman JS)

So this overreaction sent DC back to drawing board. Avengers dropped, the first full scale team comic book film that had been built OUTSIDE of the contained run time of the film. Previously thought impossible because actors pre MCU rarely signed on for multiple films over decade time frames. The Response by DC seemed to be to shift focus from building to get to the Justice League ASAP!

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice!
This film, this fucking film is so important here. Fans teased well over a year in advance by the Batsuit from Frank Millers "The Dark Knight Returns" (I HIGHLY recommend the comics and the 2 part animation!)
Personally i was excited but could also see what a HUGE error this was. That battle between Bruce & Clark is meant to be culmination of years of friendship and difference of opinion at a very unsure time in the world. I wondered how this would translate into the beginning of their friendship instead and the beginning of the justice league. Well the short answer is that it didn't. The whole bit ultimately feels like it was a marketing move to show something at comic-con which ended in it being shoe horned into a film which could of been much more dynamic and convincing. For example instead of nailing yourself to an older batman they could of easily gone more "Year One" where batman was relatively new and joined superman for the common good.

Over all the whole film was a clusterfuck of errors, bad timing and no long term vision. We would of been better served after Man of Steel seeing a solo batman film like year one followed by wonderwoman, aquaman and even a second crack at green lantern (i propose nathan fillion btw). from there you could have Justice league which introduces the Flash and martian manhunter.

unfortunately this didn't happen. instead we got suicide squad which ripped straight off of the animation version but without the best bits. A "Joker" (and i use the word as loosely as humanly possible! Willam Defoe would of been perfect opposite and aged batman) who didnt fit and if thats how David Ayer sees the Joker he should be fired from all future work which contains the joker!

Dawn of Justice created a rot which has spread throughout any team up film DC put out. Even the good solo films feel dirty to me when i remember this actors and actresses will only hold the roll until WB give up, rest the brands and try again with new faces. (ow and extra note: i get extra annoyed at how bad the cinema releases are only to see "extended addition" come out on DVD's which actually help some of the films make more sense and improve flow)
It seems there is to much "desk meddling" going on by people who aren't fans and are only interested in the money aspect of film making instead of making a quality film.

Now here we are many years later, The MCU has Infinity War being played out on the big screen and the DCEU has big names leaving the project.

So why am i writing about all this? Because some DC fans and pages are obsessed with blaming media bias for the DCEU's failures. They've attacked rival fans and review sites for giving honest opinions and highlighting the problems. Its not the MCU's, Rotten Tomatoes or Jeff from Sheffield's fault the films have sucked. Its DC and WB's fault for flip flopping part way through films and not having a strong belief in what they were making. Allowing actors to dictate script changes before they've even been the character to the public.

This story will only become worse for DC if they don't take the clean slate position sooner rather than later as well. Disney have acquired Fox meaning they have the X-men and the Fantasic 4 back. 2 massive teams that some said the MCU couldn't survive without in the early years. But they did and now will be the supreme power house of comic book films which will also filter down to the small screen in the form of on demand content (this is why netflix marvel properties were cancelled. Not because they weren't liked but because there's a far bigger plan)

Some may argue after reading this that im a Marvel "fanboy". But you'd be wrong. I love both. But I absolutely love Batman. And the DCEU has crapped all over the character to shoe horn in the bat suit fight. I am constantly left sad and unsatisfied with DC's films. Its like they think the name alone will sell. But this isn't the early 00's anymore. The main people buying tickets are those who grew up in the late 80's and 90's. And seeing the MCU deliver childhood stories well on the big screen whilst DC remained bogged down with "realism" caused from Nolans Batman trilogy is a disappointment (will write a little bit about this trilogy at the end)

So as Captian Marvel drops dont pay attention to the salty DC fans because they have had a hard time during the MCU's meteoric rise to the top and they arent used to being 2nd best.

Marvel Fans should also be wary and not throw stones or we'll have to have a chat about emo spidy dancing and "That 70's Venom". Right now times are good and we should just enjoy it.

To fans of Both like myself, Let's just enjoy the fact this films are in demand and we get to watch them good or bad. Both universe will be learning tools for the future and the next round of films from the ground up.

Have a Great day and don't take life to seriously!

The Nolan trilogy:
I said i'd write a little bit here so here you go. These films are in a standalone universe so are unrelated to the DCEU. However they style in which these films were made seems to be the blueprint for the entire DCEU. realistic gritty BS IMO. dont get me wrong these films worked as a standalone. But to build a JL in this style is just plain idiotic.
Now my own issues with these films are as follows:
Batman isnt Batman
Joker isnt the Joker
WTF happened to Baine
Let's end it like this cause ive ran out of ideas.

So Christian Bale's batman worked in these films but he was too small to be an imposing batman and the suit was crap. you cant just give a black suit some ears and a gold belt and say its a batsuit. teaming with issues and he was a really shitty detective for "the worlds greatest detective"

I may piss some off here but idgaf. Ledgers Performance of great. I enjoyed it. But he wasn't "The Joker". but this has been a common problem with batman films. they only ever seem to get aspects right and not the full character. The Joker is insane and chaotic, yes, but he also has style and is far superior to that portrayed by Ledger. But again i liked the angle as a standalone and would of loved to see him in the 3rd. Which brings up the point i think people will disagree with, Much like Kurt Cobain and "would nirvana be as well known today had he not died", would his rendition of the joker be held in such high esteem had he was alive? we will never know the answer to this, but heath ledger was adored before this role and his death would of pumped audience attendance being his last official film (if im not mistaken)

Baine is total shite in the nolan trilogy. where my damn venom and big bulking muscles which leads to an obvious weak point? no where. instead we get a leauge of shadows circle jerk story about a kid and a bitter fatherless daughter snoooze!

Ripping off the Dark Knight returns is a staple of the current DC/WB movie ideas. So to blow up the house and disappear and all seemed rather pointless and was more for nolan to say to fans "im done! just look how badly this movie flows"

Ima stop writing now. Hope you enjoyed by poor spelling and grammar. Til i think of something else to write,

Laters X

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