10 Fun Facts About Inside Out

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~movie marauder's marvelous facts #6~

Hello movie marauders! Pixar's Inside Out made $857.6 million at the box office and has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone loves this movie and cried at the part with Bing Bong. Let's take a look at some things you probably don't know about Inside Out!

1.The emotions are all based on a shape. Joy-a star, Anger-a fire brick, Disgust-broccoli, Sadness-a teardrop, and Fear-a raw nerve.

2.Richard Kind (voice of Bing Bong) cried when he said the line "Take her to the moon for me, Joy."

3.There were originally 6 emotions (the ones in the movie plus Surprise).

4.45 animators worked on Inside Out (half the size Pixar movies usually have).

5.Joy was going to be with Fear on her journey instead of Sadness.

6.The emotions had human names (Sadness-Misty, Disgust-Nadia, Anger-Ira).

7.Joy was going to be named Optimism.

8.Joy has a blue aura which foreshadows that she will be end up being friends with Sadness.

9.The address 21 Royal St. (Riley's San Francisco house) is the name of one of Disneyland's restaurants.

10.When Riley has a nightmare, the music that is played is from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride.

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