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Welcome to Starman Vol. 1-Episode 004!
Last time on Starman inspired to do something with his new found powers for the public William decides on a split moment decision to help someone in need for the first time.
As he was helping people in need a terrible accident happened and Starman was crushed under a 20+ ton crane...

And now please enjoy the show!

Me and my father loved to collect and read comics, as time went on and times got tough, my father had no choice but to sale over 2500 comics he had collected back then.
By chance I was able to hold on to the dearest of the comics I was able to buy myself with the couple of dollars collected each week for doing chores, but most directly, bought by my father, and i'm very grateful to him that I was able to hold on to these!
Collections are very fun for children to do and will develop very positive traits for them in the future.

One of my collections is STARMAN, please join me on an adventure, as I read to you and attempt sound with each picture in a 44 vol. set, this is only the beginning and to have the support from all of you is a great aspiration to me.
This special middle of the week 3 episode set(link below) will grow each mid-week so count on having an updated version for all collected episodes, and this coming Saturday at around 9:30-10:30am est. Starman Vol. 2 episode 005 will be released! So get your coffee and enjoy the steemy goodness soon found only here and i'll attempt to give a small tribute to this series as best I can... see why I feel this is the best superhero ever!

And if you missed the first 3 episodes check them out here:

Series update: I've almost finished the upgrade of my low-tech studio, it includes: A desk, before I just had 2 chairs, camera, laptop, and mock-up stand for comic. Now the desk, a semi-professional lighting system, improved sound,(mic to come) and an over-all better environment for long periods of recording, this should improve many aspects of the series, and you "should" see better episodes starting with #8.

Voting for me is a big help, if I see more votes I'll put more into the setup as I go, although i'm not looking to make money here to live, in the future I may finally make a decision to move funds, if the time is right, just saving atm and moving funds into steemit and the people here. Let's build something together!

If your new and like my series please follow and we will have plenty of fun together!

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yeah ,nice one ,i love stuff like this :)

Thanks alot hope to see ya at the next one^^ followed ya and voted thanks

NICE. I am going to share this with some friends, they are going to love it.
Audio is a bit quiet at first, but gets much better quick :-)


Hey thanks alot, and sorry tried to comment to you this morning 6-5-17 est. but no connection, anyway, the show will improve as I've recently upgraded the studio a bit, notice one or 2 scenes in episode 7 and all of 8 and beyond shows.
Thanks again later.