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We found this relatively new movie on Netflix. We had heard terrible reviews, but wanting something funny to watch, decided to give it a go anyway..and we are very glad we did.

Megan Miles is a TV reporter for an American news channel, sort of like a Katie Courie type character. Vowing for a huge promotion, Megan has to maintain a perfect public persona, while attempting to have fun and live a normal life going out with friends etc.

It turns out that going out with friends was not a good idea. Megan finds herself (after a huge night and random strangers bed) roaming the streets of Los Angeles, with no phone, no wallet, money or clothes other than what she was wearing at the nightclub the night before, which unfortunately makes her look a little like a hooker, well in the neighbourhood she is walking through she does anyway!

Megan finds herself in all sorts of trouble, in the weirdest of places, and amongst the most unlikely people. But what Megan finds out, is that some of these people from the ghetto, are actually very nice and helpful, and some of the "regular folk" are absolutely horrible to her!

Overall, the wife and I found this movie very funny and very entertaining. There certainly is no life messages or moral of the story to be learned, rather this movie is just plain old good fun! Enjoy


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