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Graphic Novel to movie.

Not all graphic novels that are brought across to the big screen are done well. Thankfully this was done well, very well, and it didn't have a mega budget. The movie still manages to deliver a thought provoking film of about 2.5 hours, yet it doesn't feel like a movie of that length.

For those that haven't seen the film or read the novel it is set a time when "super heroes/vigilantes" are no longer allowed to act on their own. Effectively they are in retirement, some of course handle it better than others.

Things are stirred up when one of the gang is murdered. But who could take out one of their own? The rest of the surviving members can't help but to investigate given that it seems they are being targeted.

Like a lot of investigations, your never quite sure where it is going to take you or what you will find. This is of course how things unfold, and what should have been fairly simple turns into something more complex and darker than they could have thought of initially.

The costumes, acting and directing are all very well done. There is plenty of material that came across from the novel so the feel from the novel is captured very well.

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Cant wait to watch it again 👍🏻👍🏻. Do you follow marvel movies?


It was a good movie. Not as much as I follow DC comics.