The Count of Monte Cristo

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The 2002 version.

The first version of this story that I saw was the 1975 version with Richard Chamberlain. I think that the first movies of this story were made in the early 1900's. So it has been made and remade a few times.

In case your not familiar with the story, we have a young sailor Dantes whom has a very beautiful girlfriend Mercedes. Only thing is that his best friend Fernand is also interested in Dantes girlfriend. It doesn't seem likely that Merceds and Dante will split up.

So how does Fernand improve his odds? One way is to remove Dantes from the scene, Fernand does this by tipping off the authorities that Dantes is a conspirator against the government; and that he is plotting to aid in Napoleon's escape.

The end result is that Dantes is sent off to an island prison, there he meets another prisoner, that teaches him the ways of the wealthy. How they talk, walk, and behave. After thirteen years in prison planning his revenge Dantes manages to escape, he also manages to find an enormous amount of wealth by solving a treasure map.

So now he has the money, and the ability to pass himself off as a wealthy nobleman, but he needs a new name. One that isn't able to be easily disproved. He comes up with the Count of Monte Cristo, and slowly rises in the ranks of the wealthy.

His girlfriend is now married to Fernand and they apparently have a thirteen year old son together. Dantes now brings to justice those that sent him to prison, but can he forget his old girlfriend?

If you haven't seen any of the other versions of this story this isn't a bad remake, just not brilliant. Would I buy it on DVD, not at full price.

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