Rambo: First Blood

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Almost an anti-hero, hero.

This film is rather notable in that there wasn't a lot of killing occurring, most of the people that Rambo deals with are left alive. When you add to that the minimal amounts of special effects and no CGI. It makes this movie more about a man dealing with his demons and the world around him.

Since this came out in 1982 I suspect that there may be a few people that haven't seen this or know the story line. So here is a very brief over view, we have John Rambo a former Vietnam veteran. He is travelling/hitchhiking through the country in order to track down some friends.

He is spotted walking the street of a small town by its sheriff, the serif initially seems pleasant and offers him a lift. The conversation in car isn't quite as pleasant or respectful as it should have been. The sheriff is only interested in dropping him on the other side of town even though a storm is coming.

These two actions make Rambo see red, and he turns around to walk back into town to presumably wait out the storm. The sheriff sees this and promptly arrests Rambo, where by he is taken to the county jail to be "cleaned up" with a fire hose.

Rambo manages to overpower the deputies and escape. This gives the sheriff an excuse for a man hunt, capturing Rambo alive seems of minor importance. It comes to light that Rambo isn't your average person and has special forces training amongst other skills.

Rambo is chased into the nearby forest and the sheriff enlists the aid of the local boys to assist with the hunt. But who is hunting who? Rambo's situation makes the news in Washington and his commanding officer travels to the town. Not to save Rambo, but rather stop the town from being completely destroyed.

Yes, there is a fair amount of action and big bangs in this movie, but it also explores the character or Rambo, someone with his own demons and issues. If you can get past Sylvester's "accent" then you will enjoy the movie.

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