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Kung Fu Hustle

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Don't upset the Landlord.

This was something that was completely different from I was expecting. This film almost feels like Monte Python or goodies coupled with the Looney tunes type of action sequences. In short don't expect too much of a story line, and enjoy the physics defying action sequences. The end result is one funny, enjoyable martial arts movie.

Going into too much of the story line would almost be missing the point of this movie, lots of fun. If you do need the plot, it as follows. We have a Chinese town that is basically ruled by the Axe gang, expect for the slum area. They have no value and hence are left to themselves.

A young man by the name of Sing wants to join the gang, and during one of his attempts he accidentally enters the slum area. The landlords of the various buildings in the run down precinct turn out to be semi-retired Kung Fu masters.

They were happy to be left alone and content with what they had. Things change when the Axe gang try to muscle in on the residents/tenants. The landlords aren't prepared to allow this and defeat a few of the gang members without much effort.

This gang can not afford to be shown as being beatable, more people might stand up to them. So now the entire gang are headed to the slums to show the landlords who's boss. The end result will be an epic battle between the Kung Fu masters and the gang.

Like I said, highly enjoyable, a lot of fun, and it doesn't take itself seriously. I can see why it did well at the box office in 2004/2005.

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it doesn't take itself seriously is the best feature of this movie. Very funny and enjoyable.


It does add a nice touch to the movie.


Yeah. That's actually the essence of that movie.