The Cutting Edge (film): another film i love and can't defend

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This is an ice-skating movie that gets turned into a love story as well. I don't think there are a lot of stories out there that follow this same formula but not in this specific way. I LOVE this movie and can't defend it in an artistic sense and won't even try.


The movie is about a hockey player named Doug who is the captain of the US team that suffers an injury to his sight that makes it impossible for him to continue in the sport. He is recruited to become a figure skater to compete in the Olympics with an incredibly rich and spoiled rotten woman who is very brash and stern towards anyone that is from a lower class than herself (which our hockey player most certainly is.)


It is very difficult for Doug to progress in his being a figure skater because the rich girl, named Kate Moseley is doing everything she can to make it more difficult for him. Eventually, things happen that bring the closer together as both a team, and eventually a couple.


What makes this movie great? Well, to most people, probably nothing. I like sports films and I also like endearing emotion ankd this movie has plenty of it. I also had a serious crush on the spoiled rotten ice skating lady whose real life name is Moira Kelly.

This movie made a bit of money but to be honest I don't have any sort of professional defense for it. I just like it and I can't explain why and don't really feel as though i need to. Watch this movie and come back to me to talk about toe picks i guess.

7 / 10

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I still find this an enjoyable movie to watch. The chemistry between Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney was very realistic that even their arguments with each other seemed genuine. Like most typical people, was one of them was wounded from previous experiences, and was not willing to open up for one another. All of these also occured in a point of their lives where they were both struggling to make something more out of life and ended up discovering themselves and each other. Eventually, it took them both beyond the quest of a gold medal.
The skating scenes in the film were wonderful and the music was incredible as well. It's kinda one of those movies you never get tired of.

I think your emotions are attached to this movie, and you look at your character Doug as the hero of the movie, who, despite the difficulties, even performs his work while winning.

oh . I also like it

you made me watch this movie...amazing:X:X:X...I can't believe I didn't know about it! great emotions:X Thank you!

There are movies like that, movies that I like but can't defend it or convince others to like because somentimes I don't know why I like them hahaha