Suckerpunch (film): Why does everyone hate this film?

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If you do a search using the words "worst movies of all time" or something of the sort, Suckerpunch is almost always on that list and I just gotta say that I guess I am a weirdo because I actually really liked this movie.


I have watched this movie many times and would gladly do so again. The action and the music in this film, apparently just to me, is epic! I will admit that the fact that Emily Browning is "easy on the eyes" might have some sort of impact on my opinion but I honestly can't understand the negativity that this film faced at the hands of critics who absolutely ripped it to shreds. Of course the usual SJW triggering occurred because the film definitely was objectifying the almost entirely female cast... whatever!


Also, people might have gotten too wrapped up in the fact that it kind of has a convoluted story that jumps all over the place and isn't at all realistic. Basically, the entire film is a fantasy that is created in the mind of the main character who has the profoundly stupid name of "babydoll."

While the masses almost universally panned this thing, i found the fights and special effects to be wonderful. I would imagine that almost the entire film was done using green screen tech but this also is just fine with me.

The soundtrack alone is outstanding. The fight scenes are some of the best I've seen. The overall story is absurd but come on! It's a fantasy film. With a massive budget of more than 80 million dollars I am actually really surprised that this film got the green light for production at all to be honest. It did make it's money back but only barely.

I gotta say that it kind of makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me because i completely disagree with the critics (and i suppose most of the general public) who absolutely hated this film. Basically if you read almost any professional review of this movie you will see someone whinging about how the girls were overly sexualized blah blah blah. Get over yourselves people, I think that was precisely what the film-makers were going for.

My message to the critics

Whatever, I liked it and think it is definitely worth a watch, just don't expect a captivating story and you'll enjoy yourself.

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That's completely alright to have different views from majority as everybody's perspective is different and I truly believe in standing up for your own. there are several Bollywood movies which I adored and was officially a flop film. anyways I liked the trailer.
Keep flourishing!

I don't get how people say it's a horrible film either. The ending is also well done imo. The critics, they dislike it for reasons that have nothing to do with the film and more about who's in it, who directed it, where it was filmed, stuff like that.

Mainly, feminist stupid fucks who cannot enjoy anything unless it fits in with their self-radicalizing worldview. They lack the emotional depth to even be able to understand the premise of the film and the main character's story, which borders on tragic. They just see the women and upset themselves thinking that's the only thing that the film's about. Critics' reviews say more about themselves than the film.

i agree with basically everything you said there. I liked the film from start to finish. I can find no fault in it. The SJW's once again just decided to "thought police" this one into the ground.

Very underrated. Great ride for sure. Thanks for reminding me of this one.

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No doubt i really love this film and every single part of it.

No doubt i really
Love this film and every
Single part of it.

                 - maxwellnewlife7

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The actresses obviously knew what they were getting into when they took the job and they seemed to have no problem with it. I remember seeing the previews for this when it came out and I thought it looked interesting. I never got around to watching it. I have never seen a review for it either. I think in the end I was thinking it might be too much like Tank Girl and I passed, I really can't say now....