Roar (film) : "The Most Dangerous Movie ever made"

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This was recommended to me some time ago by someone on Steemit and I'm sorry, but i don't remember who it was. I put it on a USB stick that I thought I had lost but then found yesterday. I was like "oh right, this film is meant to be nuts!"

Thanks for the suggestion, whoever you are because this was quite an experience.


I can't really imagine what was going through director and star Noel Marshall's head when he thought it would be a good idea to take 150 wild animals (most of which were completely untrained) and put them, by the dozens, into scenes with actors. These animals are very capable of ending your life accidentally and as the above poster would indicate, there were plenty of instances where horrendous injuries occurred.


When the movie first fires up, you notice that "Hank" (Noel Marshall) has gauze on his hand with blood soaking through it. This is because on the very first day he was mauled and a cat bit through his hand completely. The injuries were so severe that he got blood poisoning and the doctors were concerned that he might lose his arm. One would think that such an occurrence would encourage the film-makers to perhaps re-think this project but no, they trodded on.

There is a definitive lack of continuity in the movie. You will notice that Noel Marshall and other characters frequently have bandages on various parts of their body that magically disappear / re-appear, and then are on different parts of their bodies in the same scene.

what could possibly go wrong here?

A great deal of the blood in various scenes is genuine and even though the story is kind of dumb and the actors aren't terribly good, I have to really admire these folks' ability to stay in character even though they literally are being stalked by these cats in the scenes. Even when the lions are being playful, their brute strength would easily knock an actor to the ground. Keep in mind that CGI wasn't even something anyone could dream of back in 1981.


A very young Melanie Griffith has a role in this movie, but apparently she quit mid-production because she feared for her life (or that she would be permanently scarred - which i think is a very reasonable fear) but she later changed her mind and returned to re-shoot some scenes.

A great deal of the story is ad-libbed because obviously these untrained wild animals aren't going to follow director's orders. According to Noel Marshall they would sometimes films for hours and simply wait for the animals to do something violent and then he would run into the scene spouting whatever came to mind, just to get a scene. The balls on that guy - wow.

from the Movieclips Indie official channel

The movie went wildly over budget and took a total of 11 years to finish production. Horrible injuries (one where a man was literally "scalped" and required over 200 stitches) were very common and ultimately the film was a box-office bomb. It wasn't even released in North American theaters during the original launch. However, like many nutso things in the past, it has become a cult classic.

The story is just awful and the acting isn't much better. However, the sheer madness of this entire project makes Roar definitely worth watching. For me it was fun to try to spot the slew of injuries that happen throughout and to admire the actors (especially Noel) continue through a scene even though they have clearly been badly injured during it.

Now i have to live in this bucket!

Even if you have to keep the remote in your hand to fast-forward frequently - which I did because the overall story is completely irrelevant and just plain stupid and unbelievable, there is something entrancing about a group of people acting in scenes where their lives could be ended at pretty much any part of it. It made me nervous while I was watching it - simply waiting for the next inevitable mauling.


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It was me, you turbo virgin. Though I think it was after you read my review on the movie, not exactly a full recommendation.

oh fantastic. I can't believe this thing man, just completely nuts. I would imagine that the Screen Actor's Guild and human rights activists etc would have a terrible problem with this being made today. There is something to be said for the live action though... for sure. Even in massive budget films like Gladiator where the animals are CGI 100%, they don't seem as vicious as the real thing. I'll pass some rewards over to you from this since you were the inspiration for it :)

There's no god damn chance this movie could be made today. I said in my review it's an experience, and I'd say it's a once in a lifetime type thing. The director had some massive god damn iron ass cheeks of steel to do what he did. But, yeah. Glad you enjoyed the film though, man! I won't say no to any rewards you toss my way, since I need to save up funds to buy a microphone to make videos and shit. Appreciate it, cutie ;)

If you did silent-film and/or Pantamime videos to raise funds for a microphone, could go viral.. I'd def watch that.

I was more thinking about doing live streams of me butt chugging G-Fuel and showing off my high levels of testosterone while slaying ass on Call of Duty. But, that idea is pretty cool too.


This review seems accurate and genuine and I am not even sure if it makes me want to watch it or not!

I do appreciate movie concepts that push the boundaries or even cross them totally like this one does.

At least Will Farrell is in it for some comedic relief? ;)

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This is the kind of post that brings people to Steemit. I'm not sure I want to watch this movie, but I would have when I was younger... before the accident... I was mauled by a bunny rabbit named "Bunbun". He almost broke the skin when he bit me. I've never been the same.

hahaha, oh wow, that situation with Bunbun would traumatize even the most grizzled warrior.


I am and it did. I briefly considered training rabbits for home defense after the incident, but it just kept trying to bite me. So, I came up with the idea of letting an aligator roam-free in my house while I wasn't there, but I never got around to it. :-(

well, i'm sure the alligator would have served as a wonderful deterrent for would be thieves. We all know why they are so ornery afterall.

I had a rabbit in college during a time period where i seemed to be pretty dead set on having a small zoo occupy my apartment. Once while giving it a bath i found out that rabbits can actually scream. It was horrifying. We never gave "fluffy" a bath ever again after that.

Es de alto riesgo utilizar animales salvajes en especial leones o felinos en general, ellos por naturaleza es atacar para defenderse o para comer. Estos tipos de animales no deberian utilizrse en peliculas es un gran riesgo para las personas y trabajadores, como también para los animales. Los Animales, osos y otras criaturas salvajes son de alto riesgo. No se deberían utilizar para películas.

Why does it feel like this is a snuff film? I can't believe they even allowed this to happen. I wonder if the premise was planned all along or if they just saw it as an awesome way to market the film after they realized it was going to be kind of horrible. This is actually the first I have ever heard of this film :P

Thanks loads for this recommendation! Just watched Roar, and even though it has its lengths it's an absolute mind bender!

i know, right? Although it really is not a great film. There is nothing else like it. It is just pure lunacy that this was ever greenlighted by anyone.

I love that kind of lunacy!