Chart Of New Panasonic HDR UHD Blu Ray Tone Mapping

in #movies4 years ago


If your TV or projector can't reach 1000nits peak brightness, you're going to want to invest in one of the new DMP-UB820 UHD Blu Ray players from Panasonic which is being released this summer. United States should have them around July 1st.


Are they shipping yet? The integrated LUT function, makes it stand out from the other LGD 55", 65". Most affordable (HDMI) LUT boxes are HD only. I did see an 4K model prototype announcement recently, but the shipping product was only HD/2K. Fortunately that one allowed for stacking two LUT boxes to do 4K.

This is for the Panasonic DMP-UB820 blu ray player. It's going to tone map the HDR10 metadata for best performance on your particular display. United States should be getting a shipment of these bad boys around July 1st. I have a projector which sucks for light output so this will greatly help with clipping the HDR highlights while not dimming the overall picture down.

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