The Tear Crowdfund Video is In Edit!

in movies •  26 days ago 


Step by step. Inch by friggen inch. We are laying the foundations for the Tear. We shot the interview of me that will serve as the scaffolding of the crowdfunding video that I’ll be using on IndieGoGo and @fundition.

Mark swung by with an extra camera so we could have an angle to cut to when needed. We got to test out the newly arrived Clavius lenses from Richard Gale Optics. They are really nice. Beautiful bodies, precise markings. I love them.



It’s been a while since I’ve out together a sizzle reel and I’m looking forward to this. Now that I’ve got these pieces I can start building out the edit to see what I need to shoot in the coming weeks.


On a side note, I’ve been spending a little more time ok Twitter and Instagram lately to start building my base there for the project. In case anyone was wondering where I’d been off to. I can’t be too ideological with my social networks of choice. I try to manage quite a few to reach the broadest audience possible. The biggest possible.

So you should check me out there too @ Distant_Signal for Instagram and @ adissig for Twitter. There might be a Twitter specific account for the Tear but I have to get the site up and running before I can worry too much about that.



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Keep it up, buddy! Although I believe in Taoism and enjoy the way Winnie the Pooh approaches life ( ever read The Tao of Pooh? ), it is said that hard work actually pays off ;>)

Thanks, man. More updates soon. Once I’ve got this cut it’s gonna get real! Haven’t read that book but I have heard of it. Is it basically “Poo and chill?!” 🤣 kidding.

Is it basically “Poo and chill?!”

Pretty close, haha

Looking forward to your updates ( no pressure ).

P.S. Have you ever seen the show Bojack Horseman? I love it!

I like Bojack! Really good cast.

Great to see some activity on this mate!
I’ve noticed you’ve been extra active on Twitter, I’ll find you on IG too. 👍🏻

Thanks, man. It’s a slow process but I am still moving forward.

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