Hollywood Is On Hiatus

in #movies3 years ago

Welp, it happened.

After hearing about the cascade of closures throughout Hollywood, the wave has finally crashed on our production company. I am officially unemployed beginning Friday for an indeterminate amount of time. Nearly all productions have shut down. No post production either. It's a dead zone.

This is how I rolled into work.

20200316 09.25.03 2266231787097621500_2031341292.jpg

I don't get much more cyberpunk than this.

Stay safe out there!

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Sounds like this is the start of your Zombie movie.

Take care, Phil, meanwhile I will make sure to do the same.

Yes! Thank you and please do! Thankfully, I get to work from home until Friday on a company system.

This totally sucks. Stay safe and stay indoors.

Thanks! You as well.

The situation is very intense and they must be crazy about the financial loss... But, health and security first!

We'll see. I don't believe most individuals will put up with being quarantined for 18 months (the worst case scenario) and giving the government that much control over our lives.

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