Acrimony - THE REVIEW

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I chose this trailer picture because it better represents what the movie is all about

Acrimony means Bitterness.

The movie's high point was a show of extreme bitterness


A young girl bumps into a guy in the rain while in college. They both fell each other's papers off unto the wet ground. Then, as it always happen in movies, they somehow started datung after the encounter, then she married him against her family wishes.

He was the Geek who wants to work more on his invention than providing for the family, while his invention; a battery that is meant to recharge itself eats a lot of money , the wife ended up spending about $350,000 of insurance money her mother left on their living expenses while also working two jobs and mortgaging the house her mother gave her to also cover more expenses. She spent almost 1.3 million dollars in total in the first 20 years of her marriage on herself , her husband and his invention, up till the point, the mortgaged house was about to be foreclosed.

So, an arrangement was made to make sure they could reclaim the house again, this had to do with the husband forgetting about his 20 year invention and getting an unpaid job of driving a truck for delivery in his in-laws business (without fail) as one of the client promised to give them the money.

On one of the pickups, the Inventor had a call from the office of the financier he had been writing letters to for about 20 years, concerning his invention. Was he going to miss that opportunity? NO. He missed the delivery instead, went home , took his battery prototype from the trashguy that was about to empty it into the trashtruck. When he got to the Financier's office, he was offered a deal of $800,000 in return for the outright purchase of his work, rights and research. He declined it. He would rather license the work and own the rights to it.

He came home only to meet his wife who had earlier accused him of extramarital affairs and the in-laws he worked for. They were not happy, his descision almost cost them a truck, they have lost a major client and the house which once belonged to his wife's mother was about to be foreclosed. His wife threw him out. Yes, she did. Not just that, she divorced him without pity. As far she was concerned, his husband is a conman who scammed of all she had.

The Short Part:

The financier revsited the deal, signed a license deal with him instead of the outright purchase. The size of the deal was not stated but it was enough to give his ex-wife a total of 10 million dollars, a re-purchased home and much more than that for his new wife. Guess what! She felt bitter and tried to kill the guy, that was where the whole acrimony started.


My rating: 2 out of 5

What I think: Acrimony is good if you look at the realitic perspective of the story, although the ending part seem unrealistic but that is possible. All the same, the movie lacks the spice of entertainment and comedy. It was all too serious and straight forward. The only enjoyable part for me was that the story seemed realistic for the stereotypes of the charater involved.

Safety: Definitely 18+. There were some form of nudity. I can clearly remember two scenes of male nudity but i would not consider it a sex-reeked movie. It's too serious to be. Don't expect comedy.

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Well-written review.
(But man you totally spoiled that movie!)


Really. Haha

Seem so interesting
I could get a cool lesson from the movie courtesy of your review
I guess it is an Indian movie right?


No,this is Hollywood

@akintunde, i actually thought its only me that had issues with the movie oo. infact i deleted the movie immediatly i finished watching it. you dont seem to know who to blame and all. everyone that have meet that have seen the movie have different angles through which they view the movie.

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Wow it's very interesting

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