Netflix Movie Review :What Happened to Monday

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Lately I have been seeing really good futuristic dystopian movies that are exclusive to Netflix. The first of wich i want to tell you about is " What Happened to Monday". With super stars William Dafoe, Glenn Close, And Noomi Rapace I think is is safe to say Netflix movies are not listing has been or unintresting actors. The plot of the movie is about a future in wich overpopulation of humans has exhausted resorces and forced the government to enact a one child policy. Geneticly modified food has also had the side effect of producing multiple children at birth. In this world a father (William Defoe) had seven identical daughters in wich he tried to keep secret. He named them after the days of the week and thus they where allowed to go out on the day of the week there name corasponds with, effectivly all seven daughters playing the role of one person. When there sister Monday goes missing and they are discovered by the authoritys they are thrust in a life or death fight for survival. It is a great cyberpunk movie and i give it a solid 10/10

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this really was by far the best movie i have seen in a while.

10/10 whoah.... Guess I better get on that!

Wow sounds really interesting but I wonder, the story sounds like it could be better something for a full tv show instead of just a single movie. Anyways, will definitely check it out :) Thanks!

I have to agree this was a great movie. I've been pleasantly surprised with some of the movies Netflix has been picking up lately.

i have not watched it..since you are insisting that it is a good one should give it a try :) thanks for sharing the good things with us

Sounds interesting going to have to check this out, thanks @stray!

9/10 perfect

9/10 perfect

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