Animated Movie Review : Gotham By Gaslight

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Gotham by Gaslight is an alternate D.C. universe where the adventures of Batman take place in the late eight-teen hundreds. The City of Gotham is haunted by one of the most infamous serial killers of the time, Jack the ripper, and Batman with the help of Selina Kyle must bring this murderer to justice. We all know Batman to use his gadgets for crime fighting. This is still true in Gotham by Gaslight, but an electric powered flashlight or one of the first oil powered vehicles are his gadgets. Lots of canon Batman characters make an appearance even if they are quite different in this D.C. universe. Inspector James Gordan, Constable Harvey Bullock, Lady of the Stage Selina Kyle, Nun Lesly Tompkins, Head of Arkham Sanitarium Dr. Hugo Strange, Inmate at Blackgate Penitentiary Sirus Gold, butler Alfred Pennyworth and young orphans Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. Gotham by Gaslight is a real creative take on the story of Batman and is worth the watch.

Here is a link to a pirated version of it.

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Wow! I got to watch this version. There is also a new batman version in japanese where he fights ninjas and the sort. Looking forward to watch these.


Yes , I will be watching that one as well.

i have not seen this..i have read and watched cartoons about batman..but didnt get a chance to watch a movie of it..thanks :)

Should find this and watch this.I have not watched this before.Hope it is a very interesting one since you are insisting