Avengers Infinity Warfare Movie

in movie •  14 days ago

Right now we're watching Avengers Infinity Warfare. It's a pretty good movie from what I've seen. I've seen it once, but I never really got to see it all. Even right now I've missed maybe a quarter of it already because I have to take care of the kids.

I like the Avenger movies because of all the action. In this movie they are all going after Thanos, but he's a pretty powerful guy. It's pretty interesting and I bet a lot of people have seen this movie since it's been out for a while. I will probably have to watch it a few more times to actually see the whole movie, but my favorite parts are the fight scenes.

Image source: https://in.bookmyshow.com/movies/avengers-infinity-war/ET00073462/

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I just saw it a few days ago when it became available on Netflix for streaming.

Some annoying "just happens" to move the story forward.

I think this is first part of the infinity war? it was come several day before no?