Movie Review - Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Don't stare at the dwindling crypto market cap. Go see a movie instead! The new Spiderman is a great choice! Non stop thrills!

I recently saw Spiderman: Homecoming and was charmed by the movie. I went alone. My girlfriend was notified about the much needed nerdy alone time. She didn’t argue. Get yourself such a girlfriend.

Cinestar Croatia has tickets on sale on Wednesdays! Only 3.25$ (21 kuna)! Great if I compare it with New York in 2017!

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This adaptation really took me back to the carefree days of primary school that I spent reading the comics all day long. Not a worry on my mind. Long story short, our hero wins and the bad guy ends up getting himself into a world of trouble that he never expected.

Technicalities of the movie aside. I like to focus on the characters.

Peter Parker

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Weird fuzzy feeling when I hear that name. Spidey was always my favorite comic. Probably because the guy is a 15 year old kid. Much more relatable to teens than a 60+ year old gramps such as Captain America. Peter is a working family kid with good upbringing. He just wants to do good but is unsure how to do it. He has a great taste when it comes to love interests but is too shy to do anything. Confusion. One word that describes him best. And you can feel it and empathize. Great!


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The alter ego! Quite silly in this adaptation. Just as it should be! It is a 15 year old hero after all. If the actor doesn’t look 15 at least it is easier to imagine him that way when he dons his costume. Goofy one liners and stunts make him memorable in this iteration.

Spider-man’s costume

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It speaks! Sounds like a pretty girl too! A pretty girl who whispers into your ear as you fly around the city. How inappropriate! Many gadgets that Peter can’t handle yet, I’m excited about the potential in the next movie.

Vulture aka the bad guy

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I liked him the most actually. Does he want to conquer the world and spawn an army of devouring aliens? No. He wants to live slightly above the means of an average American family so his loved ones can have a carefree life. Is that bad? Not at all, who wouldn’t want that? Very 3 dimensional character this time around. Cool costume, but not too cool. Just nailed it. I was sad to see him fall actually. I hoped for some kind of resolution :/

Aunt May

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A cougar? Really? I know the movie lacks a supermodel since all the other girls are teens but we are used to 65+ year old aunt. This kind of gave an odd vibe. But I learned to accept it quickly. She is charming in a way. I wonder what the authors have in store for her in the sequel!


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Annoying nerd basically. I hope she’ll be 18 in the sequel. Fully blossomed and everything. I see potential there.

Iron Man

There simply to steal Spidey’s fame. Not cool! Easy guy to loathe in my opinion. He doesn’t deserve Gwyneth Paltrow.

Soundtrack is awesome! Ramones rock the place! Video at the end! Over and out!

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Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones (Spiderman Homecoming Soundtrack)

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How did you like the new Spiderman?


Are these tickets in zagreb arena? Or the whole Croatia?

I'd say in every Cinestar cinema on Wednesdays in Croatia!

cool i could go take a look

Ha ha ha!!! I don't mind. I 'll even write a story about beer if I have to! Lol!

Hey, actually! You can support @detlev's competition. with tag #BeerSaturday ;)

I missed a lot of movies lately because of steemitting but I think I do not want to miss this one because it is a major production with quite a great special effects and CGI so thank you @buzzbeergeek
I will not be able to watch this from the cinema tho.

It wasn't too bad. I'm looking forward to the new game on ps4 more.

i agree with this review. personally i like this spiderman much better. MJ's character was amazing, Peter Parker was on point and his age fits that naive young lad who landed on the street of adventure. this is a really great movie

Great review. I'm convinced. Just got to convince the other half now!!

Hi there!
Thank you for the review it does look and sound like a great movie I remember being a small boy and watching the originals 😊
I hope it overdoes the last couple

hey!! nice post ........... keep it up. upvoted you.
i've posted my first blog ......plz cheak

Wait so what do you rank this movie? 11/10?

Hello please kindly like my post too thanks

How come aunt may is hotter the MJ ? :)

Well done post thanks for sharing

Hello @buzzbeergeek

In the late 1980s, Marvel began a run of comic books called Damage Control, about the underpaid, overworked schmoes charged with cleaning up the mess made by superhero battles. This series is relevant to Spider-Man: Homecoming for two reasons. Firstly, it inspired the movie’s villain, flying crook the Vulture (Michael Keaton), who starts out as a blue-collar construction guy sifting through the rubble left behind at the end of Avengers Assemble.

Watch the 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' trailer below

Secondly, and more crucially, it seems to have set the vibe for the first Spider-film made with Marvel’s direct creative input. This Peter Parker is perpetually on the fringes of something more exciting — less a noble lad discovering his inner hero than a dweeby kid desperate to get into the party around the corner. And, ditching the angst and sludgy plotting of the last few films, Homecoming is easily the best Spider-Man film since Sam Raimi’s operatic Spider-Man 2.

In no small part this is due to it starring the best screen Spider-Man so far. Nimble and shrimpy (though weirdly buff once he removes his shirt), Tom Holland’s Parker is hugely endearing from his first scene, shooting a video diary of the airport fight from Captain America: Civil War on his phone. He’s barely in control of his powers and appealingly lame. One scene in which he turns up at a party hoping to hook up with cool classmate Liz (Laura Harrier) feels like a superhero Superbad: it’s a refreshing spin on the comic-book-movie template, and nice to have a film this big not afraid to frequently keep things small.

The director, Jon Watts, is making the leap from a small film himself: 2015’s nifty thriller Cop Car. The lightness of touch he demonstrated there is here in spades, with a genius Ferris Bueller’s Day Off joke and even the big action sequences (the standout being a Washington Monument rescue) peppered with sharp gags. The performances he gets out of the young cast are sweet and sparky. And just as Cop Car pitted kids against an adult evildoer in Kevin Bacon’s corrupt lawman, Watts works the same dynamic here, as Peter butts heads with the intimidating Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture.

It’s a refreshing spin on the comic-book-movie template.
This winged bastard, complete with a furry-collared bomber jacket making him look at least a little vulture-esque, is far from Marvel’s most interesting villain, though it’s nice to have a baddie who’s just out to make some cash rather than drop cities on people’s heads. Despite Keaton’s best efforts, and being described by another character as “a psychopath dressed like a demon”, the human bird of prey is only mildly compelling, and the duke-it-out, CGI-heavy action finale between him and Parker drags somewhat. But the Vulture does provide the movie with some cool sci-fi trimmings: Toomes has adapted the Chitauri alien tech he’s found into a variety of amazing weapons. Fortunately, Peter has his own new tech, courtesy of a suit (two words: web grenades) gifted to him by his Avenger mentor Tony Stark.

Much has been made of the injection of MCU characters into Spider-Man’s until-now hermetically sealed world. The makers of Homecoming had a tricky tightrope to walk: over-Marvel the pudding and it becomes another Avengers movie, but underdo it and it’s just another Spidey reboot. The balance is pretty much spot-on, with the familiar faces treated as sprinkles on the ice cream sundae. Robert Downey Jr. literally phones in most of his performance, but in the best possible way. And there is a recurring cameo from another superhero which gets progressively funnier as the film goes on. Peter Parker geeks out every time one of them swings into a scene. It’s likely you will, too.


I'm curious.. When did Aunt May become so hot? :P And when did MJ decide to get that hectic tan.. :D

Great idea. Don't pay attention to the things you can't control, like the markets.. Rather just cheer up and do something awesome :)

Nice post brother. Awesome stuff

A cure for all your troubles. A good movie even for just more than an hour or two.

well said ! its summer time ! go have some fun instead of mourning on top of your blockfolio ! :D

in India it is too costly, I do not know why this happens everytime in India.

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