Will I or Won't I? I am on the cusp of a decision.

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Hey Angie Mitchell, are you in your right mind? I have already hosted/organised this intuition movie 6 times.

Aren't you tired?
Not any more - I have had a break.

Why are you doing this Angie?
For one thing, I do not get paid. I spend money on printing posters and petrol driving to the venue each week to touch base with the community and the cinema. I am always talking about the movie. But, it is not about this, it is about letting people know about this movie - they love it. Time and time again I see people coming out of the cinema with happy smiling faces. Some have a light about them; an energy that was not there before the movie. The feedback is endlessly positive all the time, like this one:

Thank you for the wonderful screening last night. PGS transmits the frequency of love from beginning to end! Thank you for trusting your PGS Bill Bennett! May every second this film is viewed raise the volume of intuition globally! Bravo!!


There are people who missed out on the fourth screening - they want to see the movie!! They are waiting. My intuition is working overtime too giving me messages to host a fifth screening at Noosa.

Yesterday I just happened to be crossing the road and there was a very friendly lady and her teenager son in a car waving and smiling at me. I walked over thinking do I know these people. They said that they know me and Bill Bennett from the movie night. The lady said - I loved the movie and want to see it again.

Got the message, I am listening and going to trust and follow my intuition again. Another screening of PGS the movie is coming to Noosa. There is an audience waiting!


Enjoy reading and please comment.

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howdy @ angiemitchell! well I think you have no choice but to host the movie again and then maybe again the next time it comes around. there's no way that you can NOT do this because of how many people it can help!
I guess I'm saving my votes, I'm at 50% and everyone tells me that I shouldn't let it get below 85%! how do you work yours angiemitchell?


Thanks @janton. I just vote. I redeem my rewards in my wallet - transfer the balance that is even week or so. That is all.


hey @angiemitchell so you are saying that you don't pay attention to your vote power even if it doesn't give one cent?


Np, can't do much about that @janton. It is the gesture that counts. A lot of people upvote me who do not have any vote power. I appreciate their gesture and am grateful.


I know I do to but I also want to help people.
thanks for your opinion, I've been asking alot of people.