Mountain Monday, Lofoten northern Norway.

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Driving to Lofoten Islands by car give a nice view of steep mountains, fjords and oceans. This pictures is from a trip my family did a couple of years ago in beginning of May. It is till snow up in the hight. If everything goes as planned my wife and will take a new trip during Mars.




Best regards


Your pictures bring out the majestic of the area @harkar.

Thank you @guysellars. I appreciate you kind reply😊

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Gorgeous photography! What wonderful scenery and mountains you have! Voted & resteemed

Thank you very much @keithboone. Glad you liked it 😊

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Awesome landscape 😍

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Thank you very much. Lofoten is a nice place 😊

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Fantastic photos, @harkar! What a place! Spectacular :)

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