Mountain Unicycling Offroad Trails in 360 HD 📷

in mountain •  25 days ago 

OK, so you can view any direction in this video of some recent offroading I was doing. It's a nice single shot without a wipeout (I wipeout lots on hard trails) down a fairly tricky ridge and then, technical rooted tough wooded terrain back out to a pathway. Hopefully the 360 footage lets you explore the view in the way you want to. Crank up the quality to 4K or more to really get good quality.

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Wow that's nice! I wish this might be a HD video!


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hey guru, thanks! You can choose the video in youtube up to 5K quality, so its pretty decent but these cameras still need higher resolution to capture a better 360 in the future. Next generation likely will. 10K is needed for 360 footage at least if you ask me. Still nothing else like these yet, except the Professional versions, which cost like $10K. haha


Was nice going around with you on that trail. The camera gives a very unique perspective... it feels i am somehow off to the side of you

thanks buttcoins, exactly the effect I was trying to capture. :)

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