The Beauty Of The Mountain Geurute

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The beauty of the glorious Aceh geurute mountain is truly amazing. Everyone who passes the geurute journey they must stop there.


Both from West Aceh, South Aceh. Even from East Aceh North Aceh. Because the view is extraordinary beautiful with the ocean spread out wide with two islands in it. What's more enjoying coffee and serving noodles made by geurute stalls is amazingly delicious. Every time I pass this gerute mountain,

I stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee on it. Extraordinary


Awesome view... I was there in 2018 just for relax and have some Coco... Salam

Salam juga bang, salam dari aceh jaya hehe. Mamang menakjubkan kakuasaan Allah saya setiap ingin menghilangkan jenuh selalu santai di situ sambil menikmati kopi dan angin sepoi sepoi hehe.

Jalan jalan lagi lah bang ke sini.

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