The Motte in the Motte and Bailey.

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When it comes any and all debates about LGBT issues in regard to policy, the question of males in women's prisons is the Motte in the Motte and Bailey.

The problem is that even the highest levels of the Democratic party have planted themselves on the Motte and declared victories in their own heads. They're not ready to retreat to the Bailey. They figure that the tactic of charging forward and sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting "Transphobe!" over and over again is sufficient to create a stronghold.

To be fair, they have intimidated people into silence. Even relatively conservative news outlets have been referring to these murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, who have functioning dicks, and magically decided that they were women after being convicted or even after having been in prison for some time, as women.

If you have a functioning brain, you know that there are a lot of complications here.

It should go without much thought that our prison policies should, at the very least, be held as exceptions to the radical leftist narrative regarding gender ideology, wherein we just have to take everyone at his or her word in regard to gender identity. When you're talking about convicted felons, that's the moment when gender ideology demands that we blindly believe liars.

If anybody wanted to have a valid conversation about a real issue, the discussion would have started with trans women who had transitioned for some time before getting into legal trouble, and are found to be guilty of non-violent crimes. We all know what would happen to a person like Blaire White if she were forced to be housed in a men's prison. I have no problem getting behind that so-long as there's a vetting process.

Speaking of Blaire White, I think that her suggestion that we just create separate wards is probably the best short-term solution. Still, leftists have objected to that. Once again, it doesn't fit their narrative. If they agree that trans women should be housed separately from women, they're acknowledging that there's a difference between trans women and women.

Well, newsflash, there is a difference.

That key difference is why the offense of any biological male trying to be sent to a woman's prison should only be a component of the evaluation.

This case should be open and shut. The fact that a Biden-nominated judge decided that a serial rapists, pedophile, and distributor of child porn with a functioning dick should be housed in a women's prison should turn everybody off to the idea of any of these people holding political power. This is where the safety of the alleged trans woman should be a concern that comes a distant second to the safety of the women.

Still, even when it comes to non-violent crimes, there is the fundamental problem of the difference between trans women and women, and that's gametes. There have already been cases of women getting pregnant via sexual encounters with trans women housed in women's prisons. Even if the trans woman is in prison for a non-violent crime, and the sex with the fellow prisoner was consensual, the possibility of a child being conceived by two people who are gonna be behind bars for the developmental years of that kid's life.

Still, again, I'm raising the concerns that people who have functioning brains should be having. The activists have already jumped to the point that males simply identifying as non-binary, and receiving no HRT nor surgeries should be funneled into women's prisons.

This is where the voices of reason have to get louder. We have to force these people to retreat to the Bailey. Really, if these people actually think that the logic is working and the tactics are effective, the voices of reason should be able to knock themselves back into the Bailey in a state of confusion, frustration, and infighting.

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