Fake It till You Make It - or so They Say...

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Well hello Steemit..

After a false start I am trying to get back into some kind of swing of things on here.
I had a post go awol which took some time to compose, which I stupidly did not save, so it put me off for a bit.
However, like the Murphy's, I'm not bitter. ;) (If you don't know what that phrase is in reference to, just skip it ^^)

I recently completed a motorcycle ride to Cambodia (Siem Reap) which, despite not accomplishing all I had hoped to, was still a nice tick on the box of bucket-list projects. I feel proud of the little acorn inside of me that keeps wanting to sprout an oak tree.

So why "Fake it till you Make it"?..
...well, don't you sometimes feel as though you are presenting a partial image of who you are when blogging/vlogging etc? Sometimes I feel as though I am sharing someone else's life, even though I am the one living it. Every part is truthful of course, but it paints a picture that at times seems a little too polished to be me. Yet, people want polished, for the most part. Filters (both physically and metaphysically) are the norm and raw reality is unpresentable. I somehow feel like we are getting too far away from reality and with each passing year the distance increases. I often see a pretty picture of life in images and words, that is as satisfying as a dose of fast food...

...but I am waffling.

I promise that after this post I shall go back to presenting a polished post.

However, for now I will leave this random rawness floating around in cyberspace.

May you all grow into mighty oaks ..haha. Sincerely.

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Love the picture!

But you need an older bike! ;)

Fuck polishing. Just be authentic :)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I like authentic ^.^
This photo is a great moment for me. I found this little route which led to Angkor Thom.
So..the next morning at 5:30am, in the dark, I rode the same route into the temple complex. Was amazing to see Bayon temple emerge in the rising light.


Damn :0

It's so sad that we have no space here in central europe to do anything like you :/

Need to travel

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I am sure there must be ways.
Sometimes need to find the sneaky ways around things ..haha.
I am originally from the UK :)

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