Getting Cool New Decals [Graphics] on my Katoom Duke 200!

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Every brand of Motorcycle has is own unique signature color. For example, you must have noticed that Kawasaki has Green, Ducati has Red, Yamaha has Blue color in most of their bikes. Similarly the motorcycle brand that I own, KTM has Orange as it's signature color.

But as you know and can see in the image above, I have a classic black color version of the bike that doesn't really have many orange accents on it apart from the 200 written on the tank. It was mostly black and white. The little orange accents you see are what I added later.

You can see the sticker shop guy peeling of the old decals. Such a sastisfactory feeling when it comes off neatly without leaving residues of gum.

It had been three years with the same graphics and I was bored of looking at it. So, I thought of getting new graphic mods done on it. I started the research and it went on for quite some time.

That's how she looks without decals.

Finally, I landed with a really good design which is actually the stock stickers of the latest Orange Model KTM 200. So, I got it for pretty cheap and of course it was Orange!

What makes this special is it comes as stock decal on the Orange Duke 200 and I got it installed on a Black Duke 200. So, it's quite rare to spot any bike that looks like mine. In short, my bike is unique!

Infact, I think this decal looks better on a Black Duke than on an Orange Duke. I was very skeptical about this Graphic suiting my bike so I had already decided that this would be temporary. But, I think this will be staying on the bike for a long time.

And that's how she looked after the installation of Tank Decals:

Looked good?


But, still there was something that wasn't making it look perfect. I wasn't completely satisfied. I figured it were these little things that were killing the looks.

1. The white color of the Hand Guards weren't suiting the color of the bike. It had to be darker.

2. The white color decal on the headlamp cluster was odd.

3. The small white font decal on the tank was ruining the simplicity.

4. And finally the old white decals on the belly pan and on the sides of the rear seat were quite old and showed their age.

Yash Computer Graphics: The little graphic shop where I got the things done. They do neat work as evident from my tank decal.

I had to solve all those issues one by one. So, first, I decided to solve the hand guard issue which was the most prominent.

Guess what I did?

The best thing I could do: I got it wrapped in Carbon Fibre Vinyl!

How does that look? I gotta see this during the day time and click some pictures. This was all I could see in the evening.

The second thing I did was to get rid of that white sticker on the headamp cluster. It looks better without it now. But, I didn't click any pictures of it. I will click and post as I further mod the bike.

The third task was to get rid of all the small Stickers that were stickered all over the tank. I did that and there's a little bit of gum residue on the tank that I gotta clean with petrol and a piece of cloth. Yeah, the gum goes away easily on applying a bit of petrol and wiping.

That's how lit she looks in the night when a beam of light falls on her.

And here's the final clear view of the new decal:

Compare this with the second image with the old decal still on and tell me how do you like the new one?

Pending tasks: To get Decals for the Belly Pan and Rear Under Seat.

PS: I know the Tibetian prayer flags ruin the look too but I'll keep them for the time being as I've been getting signs against removing them whenever I've tried.

Hope you enjoyed the post.



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Good job, looks amazing. how much it cost?


Not much man! It's just INR 560 bucks. (Around 10$)

Nice work
The carbon fiber work is interesting
Could do some more experimention with it


Thanks dude! :D

I do own a Ktm rc 200 I love ur blogs related to bike awesome


That's a nice bike!
Read books on Riding to make the best out of it.
For a starter, I'd recommend Sport Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch. You'll get the pdf online. ;)


Thanks for ur opinion I will look to it

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