Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Time, as you like it' (Part #218)

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'Time, as you like it'


The three fellows who were chatting with the bartender just left and I remain the only guest. The bartender is very quiet. I try exchanging a few courtesy lines but I notice that he is deep in his thoughts. I don't want to break his routine, so I rather roam around the place and take pictures. He is very likely the owner, as well.

The country pubs, especially on the hiker's paths, often have instruments on display that anyone can play. I find a guitar sitting in the corner. I can already see a jolly bunch singing local tunes. This used to happen more often before. I wish this accordion, neatly set up on a wall, could talk. I'd probably hear many stories. Stories of what has been happening in this place for many years. These would be interesting to hear. We also travel so we can hear stories. :)

I can hardly remember dismounting my bike and walking in a place where I've found people singing a song. The Internet took its toll on human interactions all over the world. Times are definitely changing. But, the coffee is really good in this empty gem of a place. Maybe a little barrel above the door awaits someone to open it and to start singing? :-)

The vases on a drape holder. Cannot tell if they kept them up there traditionally or it is only set like this for decoration purposes. Maybe it was a necessity when cupboards were full, back in the day. I like the little clock up there. It was carefully inserted, appearing as if trying to cautiously tell its own story of endless counting of minutes.

Time, a dear ally or a strong adversary. However you want to perceive it, its passing is still an inevitable fact. To some people, it slowly takes all they have, to others it brings boons they've never expected. The point might be not expecting too much. As soon as one stops expecting others to behave according to one's expectations, one's half solved the life's riddle. Time is just a row of numbers. Just like the age. You should never let a number dictate your feelings or self-image or any expectations for that matter. Each of us must learn how to let the time pass and gracefully accept its gifts of wisdom and balance. Untouched by opinions or general vibe.

Just like this place does.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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Nice reading, thanks!

yes it was

Lovely pictures, im surprised by the beer barrel high up on display. Was it big? If it was small, could it be the water barrels that the dogs used to have around there necks? I think it was dogs, huskies?? Not sure. Lol.. Or maybe that was whisky, to keep people warm.. hmm im confused lol.

"Time is just a row of numbers" How true. As my row gets longer I can no longer accelerate to overcome it's passing so I have to enjoy each instant more and more. You and your posting certainly help with that.

My best friend forever played the accordion in his youth. I wonder if he still does. I need to find out...

Thanks Velimir. As always, it is a terrific post.

"As soon as one stops expecting others to behave according to one's expectations, one's half solved the life's riddle. Time is just a row of numbers. Just like the age. You should never let a number dictate your feelings or self-image or any expectations for that matter. "

How do write these things.I am so amazed by your thoughts.Do not have a idea how to express it.But this is absolutely marvelous

A good tradition in your country, to have tools on which you can play. I like the old style of these objects that you photographed. I would even call these things the fashionable words "Crafting".
The time for these things is more of an "ally", it makes them special - adding pride.
Thank you and have a good day :)

Everything has a story, however small. You've just got a look for it! Scratch the surface a little and you'll be amazed what you might find!

very nice! ride safe my man. #throttlesociety

I am really starting to enjoy this series. When I saw it for the first time, I guess I didn't really realize what you were doing here. But I like it.

I really wish bars around here would let you play the instruments. Then, I would actually go to them. Cheers!

wow..i felt it like a setting of a old movie..very have explained everything very nicely :)

Once again superb collection man. I have nothing to say about your talent and how you work. You are going really high day by day I appreciate your work.
Everything looks such a great fantasy. @velimir
Superb man.

That was very nice to read Velimir, thanks for that. We wish you a great day. Best wishes from Phuket

you are really good at writing something, I am proud to have a friend like you .. you are very good ..

I can hardly remember dismounting my bike and walking in a place where I've found people singing a song. The Internet took its toll on human interactions all over the world.

it's sad isnt it? that we're falling apart instead of uniting. many languages are going extinct because of this...

Time is an essential. i'd like to call it my ally and keep it by my side, for it will never wait for anyone... I've also learnt not to expect too much from somethings in life, and to live freely each day, keeping to time ..

Beautiful writing.

Once again, this post is excellent in pointing out history and shows how technology has evolved and really come a long way.

Good content, thanks for sharing

i followed your post thank you for your photography
nice it

i liked your story. next time i want to read new your post.

nice job fernando ! :D

I love the sound of a piano, and I love old things, they are interesting and never go out of style.

Amazing job @velimir ! Allow me to join on your journey because it is a child dream of mine to travel this way ! Thank you gor sharing your experience . Looking forward to see you next post !!!

You work so much..Time is running..If you use time properly you will shine your life

Traveling is something in which you can know the different aspects of people lives its look u like u enjoy the motorcycle traveling most ...lets rock

Very nice post

This is a great photography, i like travel.....
i wait your next post, carry on......dear

awesome like always :)
thanks for sharing !!!

good inforlations
thank you for sharing

people loved to travel, keep sharing..if u want please check my post related to traveling.

well sir keep it up sir

Travellers are great achievers.take an extra careful friend.were just the same.

Very well said.
Indeed Time is what you perceive of it.

Your post is very good

The concept of having instruments just sitting in a pub for people to create entertainment is awesome. Id love to stumble across a small bar like that one day

This post reminded me of the series Dark on Netflix. There are so many clocks in here too! Also, I recommend it!


"The Internet took its toll on human interactions all over the world" so sad but true, I completely agree !

I like your originality! Keep on delighting us with your stories :)

This looks like a nice cozy pub, I love old school authentic pubs. What country is this in? The pictures really illustrated the mellow mood, nicely done!

Love your posts! I really enjoy what you write :)

"Status is 1000 UpVote, I pray toplessness running to the toilet for women". There are a few who know the truth, the guy you just got yet to 800.

Nice post and have a good day @velimir . Please visit my blog ...thank you..

excelente posts

I like to travel with my bike too
is good to go somewhere riding bike and feeling some nice air
hope to see your story further more !

Wow great post I really appreciate your photography 😘 you expalined it well and it is very impormative.

Thank you for sharing this @velimer


wow nice photography
i followed your post
thank you for sharing

hello hello my good friend today I can read your publication when pubs are good because it brings new people and we accumulate new experiences I like the piano photo this instrument softens the atmosphere with its special sound, I also agree with you when when to say that Each person must learn to let time pass and accept with grace their desires for wisdom and balance. I wish you the best
I invite you to read my post
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take care