Torn inner tube [dirtbikes]

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2 weeks back, I was in a time keeping enduro race 5 hours north of NYC. On the way up, my bike had a flat front tire and the event was large enough that there were sponsors selling parts.

I grabbed a front inner tube and managed to pinch it during installation, so I picked up a second tube that went in without hitch.

Half way into the 5 hour long race, my rear inner tube goes flat and there's no way to refill it with air (not that it really matters because it's probably punctured).

I had a brand new tire, the pierilli mt16, which is an unusually stiff tire. So stiff in fact, that I pushed ahead to finish the race.

At some point, the inner tube tore in half and scrunched up causing one part of the tire to be stiff since it had a chunk of rubber balled up inside.

The bike felt like it was riding on square wheels!

I finished the race and came in third in my class and the lesson here is......

Buy this tire!

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I don't know what it is about this pic that I like, but there is something great about it. And, awesome write up on the race....third on a flat, not bad at all!


its the clean tear in the innertube!


It just might be. Either way it's an awesome pic bro!

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