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So it's bad news for the Swiss MXoN team as they are forced to swap out Arnaud Tonus. The team was initially set as Valentin Guillod, Jeremy Seewer and Arnaud Tonus but it was unsure as to if Tonus would be able to make the trip to the US. As always in this sport you can have the best plans in place but with the riders dicing with disaster every weekend it's never set in stone. Unfortunately it has now been confirmed that he will not make the trip with the rest of the team and a replacement will be drafted in.


Arnaud Tonus

"I really wanted to race at RedBud. After all those months without lining up behind a gate, it was my goal to help the Team Switzerland to get a podium. Sadly I will only be at ninety percent of my strength and it will be way too dangerous at that level of riding. I wish the best to Jeremy, Valentin and Killian. I'm sure they will do good." Killian Auberson will take the spot in October, just as that statement confirms.

Valentin Guillod.jpg

Team Switzerland have decided to move Jeremy Seewer over to the Open category and bring in Killian Auberson for the MX2 class. It's possible though that there will be more shuffling about as Seewer is much more suited to the MXGP class where he can really be on his A game. This would then move Valentin Guillod to the Open and i think bring a lot more balance to the team. That being said i am not the manager here haha, so perhaps they will settle with things as they are. Good luck Team Switzerland.

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@b0y2k, you and my step day would have loads to talk about as he is motocross mad, I have been a few times and it is really exhilarating and fun to watch, shame about the price of food while we were there.


haha give your step dad a hi five from me @artonmysleeve :) It is a great spectators sport i agree. While i also love to ride as well as watch it it a risky sport and some people prefer to just watch and enjoy that side.
Take a packed lunch next time :)


I will, when my mum first met my stepdad he had a job teaching underprivileged kids how to ride motorbikes, he loved his job, he took me one day to have ago as I hhad never road a motor bike before and he got me going.
I have now been riding for 18 years. the joys of having an awesome stepdad. :D